Tuesday, February 20, 2007


this, was initially a totally normal chinese new year plant which my mum bought on one fine day. BUT, sumthin happened to it which was just plain weird *well, my mum regard it as rare* to me, it's just plain WEIRD. mami, u see this? weird. she even forbids me from even touching it, scared i make that thing gugur. bulu bulu punya thing =/

look at this weird furry thing.

and suddenly, two other stuff popped out from the initially one white thing.
and a green thing grew out! o.O

and so, this was the plant =D

and lastly, i'll wish everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! ANG PAU NA LAI!!
.....heart, kamen

Saturday, February 10, 2007


this song is nice. Credits to YeePei =)
song title is Grace by Lee Soo Young
hey, the male character in there is...*drum rolls* JunKi!! =3

emo song. oh well, its nice. =) *thumbs up*

.....heart, kamen


hmmm...so, this is an update on what's been happening in the past week. well, not all the pictures were taken last week though =3

actually, it was just the tigger picture that was taken last week >.<
guess wat it's doing. yeah, a tiggerific blow job. -.-

left: xin's tigger. right: daLin's tigger.

Note: look at xin's tigger ham sup face

in Little Taiwan

well, there were sum bollywood like pink n purple cloth dangling

so beautifully there, and so we decided to take a pic.

but oh well, seems lk we cant see it in the pic haha!

but, look. im white = angel. she's black = devil

haha a bit boring huh? oh well, that's life. oh yea, and not forgetting the case when ching tried to cut the chicken and ended up bending the entire fork. HAHAHAHA!~ oh yeah, and my new cacat fren. haha, no la, not new. just that, she wasn't cacat before this. she cacat cuz of sum reasons haha! come come, lemme link you there. (just click on the there word)the first post. haha! XD guess who.

.....heart, kamen

Saturday, February 03, 2007

rest in peace~

im back!! hmmm...finally, i have the time to settle down and peacefully rant bout my college life for the past one month. but before that, here's a tribute to Xu Wei Lun...

she passed away Jan 28th, due to a car accident. she died a horrid death. and the weird thing wuz, the magazine in the car, was flipped to the page promoting Death Note 2. freaky huh? i like her...she's so pretty and sweet... =( rest in peace

......heart, kamen