Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Dear you,

I wonder if it would remind you of the same thing that it reminded me of.

Cuz I smiled the moment I saw it.

You'll never fail to find your way through me.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Je t'attends.



静心等待, 等你回来
别为难, 我明白

It's foolish to do so, you know it better than anyone.
It'll be the same.
Knowing deep inside,
It's just another cynical abyss.

But if waiting could ease the heart, then wait you shall.

Cuz that's when your heart dies.

The Butterfly Effect

Visited the Butterfly & Bird Park today with Flo and Aaron.

Butterfly Park - Somehow, there were quite some terrapins (labi-labi) around the place and I don't know why. There were also weird lizards hiding within bushes waiting to freak you out. That aside, the butterflies were beautiful :-)

Bird Park - Be ready to walk - a loooong walk. The birds were literally, let loose. (Except for those like the hornbills and eagles of course!) If you're unlucky, peacocks and other flightless birds might be pecking on your leg.

These things fly around so often that it's so hard to catch a decent picture without them being blurry or slurred. I'll just pick a few of the pictures which I quite like to be posted here in the blog ;-)

We gave up on the deer farm.

My fav pic :3


Man-faced Bug. It's quite cool for a bug actually.

Butterflies :-)


Try spotting the odd one out :D


As usual, the complete pics are all in the Facebook album :-)

We had our hopes a wee bit too high about the visit but overall, it was a different experience I guess. Well, the last time I went was approximately 15 years ago! I could remember nothing :D

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Failed, Failed.

Let's just say, the initial plan with Flo failed so badly. We were too late and the tickets were sold out. No, it's not Transformers. It's beyond what you could imagine.

So we resorted to this shitty dinosaur expo they had around there. Man, it sucked. The person told us it'll take us around 40 mins in there, which we believed was true. We only spent 15 mins in there! And it sucked.

Oh, and we got stalked by this dude! That, was bloody freaky.


A pretty ugly picture of us.

Hot Chocolate :3

Sigh. Let's hope tomorrow will work out fine :D



You can't feel anything that your heart don't want to feel.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Short Update.

Met Flo and Aaron for Lunch at Winter Warmers @The Curve again. Quite a pretty place and the sandwich was gooooood.

I'm bloody hungry now.

My Rose Iced Latte (or something like that).

And the best thing was, I had so many chocolate chips in my Mint Choc Kisses!

Yeh, we droppped by New Zealand Natural for ice-cream. Jeez, took me a while to decide between Hokey Pokey and this :(

Ah, and today marks half a year....
The wave has been kind to me for the past few days :-)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Most Wanted ruumate Voting Party

Sorry for the great delay! Have been busy these few days, thus the lack of time to blog. Yes, the Voting Party. This is gonna be a long post, due to the great load of pictures. Thanks to Andy as some of the pictures were stolen from him :D

Took place at Sanctuary @Curve on 25th June 2009. Us finalists had to catwalk/model for RipCurl and Mooks apparel. We also had to complete our task given on that night itself - which was to dance with our partners (picked randomly). Sandra rocked the dance and walked off with 250 votes with her partner, John.

Thanks to all those who came to support, lovesss.

Well, I'm too hungry lazy to type and thus, the pictures! (Didn't manage to snap pics with everyone though)

Most Wanted indeed :D

Yours truly.

With Coco (Female finalist)

Umar, my partner (Male finalist)

Amanda! She's lovesss beer hahaha (Female finalist)

Sandra :D (Female finalist)

It's depressing to be standing next to her, seriously.

Kingston! My long lost relative haha wtf. (Male finalist)

Melissa, she's so pretty :3 (Female finalist)

With Kiwi, she's so funny! (Female Finalist) and
Derek, he's eccentric. (Male Finalist)

John (Male Finalist), he can really do some popping dude.

With Amanda and Josh


Thanks so much for coming. So sweet of you :-)

Nick! :DD

You were constantly MIA :(
maybe it was cuz of the silicone you-know-what :P


Gosh, I was so surprised. Thought she couldn't make it from Penang. I was so happy when I was told she's coming. Man, I love her.

Pei Ling & Mia

So nice of them for coming despite having Consti the next morning <3

With Arsyan

He tweets like nobody's business HAHA.

Yang Sik :D

Another one which surprised me that night. Thanks dear :-)


My Hakka friend HAHAHA.

The girls again :3

Aaron, you need to be quarantined. Hahahaha *inside joke*

With Huai Bin

Okay, I'm so sick of uploading pics already. The connection tonight is so bloody slow. For more pics, click here. It's all in the Facebook album, this time everyone can view it (I didn't set this to "Only Friends" for the album), so it shall be okay. Enjoy :-)

Went to MOS after the party ended. I have to admit, it was my first time there, and is most likely gonna be my last time there. It felt as if I had a culture shock the minute I reached there. The crowd is so different from the crowd in Zouk (like bloody different!). The music... Big sigh. Don't even get me started with comparing it to Phuture. Left early, and voila. My legs were aching like bitches. Imagine wearing 4-inch heels from 9 am till 2 am!

Well.....of course I had to camwhore hehe :D

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Paparazzi - Tagged by ChingMun.

Okay, this is just an excuse for me to post up my vain pictures. How often do you get to do that without being called vain!

1. Please entitle your post 'Paparazzi' or something of the like.

2. Follow the 'Pictures of ..... ' as closely as possible. Be creative. No photoshop-ing. If you cannot find a picture for one of the descriptions, scratch it off and replace it with something else.

3. Tag whoever you want to see look funny.

Picture of me looking down

Picture of me with my mouth closed

This is easy peasy.

Picture of me hugging someone

Picture of me looking terrified

Picture of me looking scary

Picture of me showing my teeth

(it's very rare, very rare indeed)

Picture of me looking like a noob

I don't know why but I think this looks noobish, somehow.

Picture of me acting cute

Picture of me doing something I shouldn't

Picture of myself without showing my entire face

(yes, I realise I have a lot of pictures like these when I was browsing through)

I tag: Hmm, let's see. Nick, can I tag you? And the Cousin. And whoever who comes across this. Oh, Imma tag Qi too :P

As you can see, some of the pictures were stolen from Andy's album in Facebook hehe :D