Saturday, June 30, 2007

1 litre of tears~

1 litre of tears...

can u really cry a litre of tears?

i really wonder...

very touching japanese drama

very touching indeed

guarantee to cry.

1  リトル の 涙

such a pretty girl...

she was just 15 of age

she had to die

due to this weird syndrom

where her brain starts degenerating...

Spinocerebellar Degeneration

and slowly,

she'll be unable to walk

to talk

to write

and end up lying in bed

eventually, dying.

really nice show.

but be aware, you're sure to cry.

Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing,

she said.

...heart, kamen

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

my angel~

Warning: This is an emo post.

after watching the last episode of Hanazakarino Kimitachihe, a sudden feeling came towards me.
After seeing Quan (Izumi) and Rui Xi (Mizumi), being so in love with each other, sweeeet.
Hard to put my feelings in words, but.....let's just say, I wan my own Quan to appear.
Even if i had to do all hard stuff to get him, even if i had to risk everything, i will.


Nobody is going to take you away from me
You're solely my angel and only i belong to you
Nobody is going to replace you in my heart
I've no more desires as I'm contented having an angel by my side

要不是你出现, 我一定还在沉睡
绝望的以为, 生命只有黑夜

Should you not appear in my life, I would still be deep in my sleep
Thinking disappointedly, assuming that life is only filled with darkness.

when will my angel come to me?
waiting for my love to come,
seems as if it'll never come
when will my Quan appear,
and light up my life.


If this doesn't mean that we have faith
At least we can say that we're both smart
Don't ask anymore
Don't say anything anymore
We understand
We love each other all along.

Will that ever happen to me?
I don't know.
.....dishearted, kamen

Saturday, June 23, 2007

tag bag~

after being tagged by my darling lihong
i shall do this survey thingy.
to kill boredom
Name : Liew Kamen
Birth Date : 16/11/1989
Current Status : In A Relationship
Eye Colour : Very (and i mean VERY) Dark brown
Hair Colour : before dye: black. now, light brown (and i dislike it)
Right or left : leftie!

My Heritage : erm...wat do u want me to write here?
My Fears : ants (they make me feel itchy), creepy crawlies, losing people i love, losing horridly (yes, i'm kiasu)
My weaknesses : i talk a lot, seriously.
My Perfect Pizza : lots and lots of cheese, with lots of chicken
and not forgetting, pineapples. =)

My thoughts first waking up : what's the time? did i manage to sleep longer compared to yesterday?
My bedtime : whenever i want
My most missed memory: fun times in school with my bunch of lovable friends.
Pepsi or coke : no doubt, Pepsi
Single or group dates : i'm alright with both
Adidas or Nike : Nike, Just Do It
Tea or Nestea :Nestea!
Chocolate or Vanilla : chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee : coffee

Smoke : no way. i don't think it's cool.
Curse : oh yes.
Take a shower : who doesn't.
Have a crush : yea yea
Think you've been in love : yes, of course.
Go to school : obviously i do.
Want to get married : when the right time comes, yes.
Believe in yourself : yes, definitely.
Think you're a health freak : erm, i'm not a freak. but i'm concerned bout my health.

Drank alcohol : yes.
Gone to the mall : *i agree to lihong* i don't like in kam-ung and not a jackoon okay??
Been on stage : yeah..
Eaten sushi : pls la, even my grandmother eat before
Dyed your hair : yes. and was never satisfied with it ever since the first time i
dyed it.

Played a stripping game : No. u wan play with me? =D
Changed who you were to fit in :i don't know..

To be married : 27.

Best eye colour : as long as it nice on him =)
Best hair colour : dark brown
Short hair or long hair : not too long, not too short.

A minute ago : answering these questions la
An Hour ago : reading blogs.
1 day ago : pre-ordered my beloved
1 month ago : EXAMSSSS
Year ago : I was a cempakan too. mr sheat's lunch classes aint so bad after all
I love : my boy
I feel : bored
I hate : ants
I hide : my ugly side
I miss: my boy. my friends. my phone. (yes, i still hate you phone stealer!)
I need : my dose of harry potter books. new phone. music.
I tag...
lihong *muahaha balasan for tagging wei jie back lol*
xin ying
.....heart, kamen

finally, the long wait~

after two years of waiting,

alas, the 5th movie

Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix

but, why

why must the poster be so ugly?

Voldemort You-Know-Who's face

u put leng chai Tom Riddle oso better lah

well, according to the book he's leng chai

woohoo, July 12th

I'm definitely anticipating you.

and of course

July 21st

i lust for you.

July 12th and 21st

better come to me.

.....heart, kamen

Sins Of Blogging~


Recently, a lot of bloggers are popping out of nowhere and start blogging bout themselves.

Nothing wrong, ain't it?

Yea, i agree to that, to the extent that there are some bloggers who just irritate the shit out of you.

1) Helpless Love Birds

They claim they blog. But, hello? u understand what blogging means? when u say u blog, u talk bout the ongoings in your life. you talk bout the people around you.

However, there are some people, where 98% of their posts are just about their sweetheart, sweetheart and sweetheart. For God's sake, why bombard your own blog with all ur posts with oh i love you so much my dear. darling, baby, sweetheart, muchkin, whatever.

It's my own blog mah, i write whatever i want.

yes u can say that. then don't call it a blog. It's nothing near a blog. It's your love shrine. So, let's just call it, slog instead.

2) Colourful Rainbows

Why must you make the words in your blog so colourful that it hurts the eye reading it??<br>

Tell you what, it sucks. Two or three colours are okay. But, every word?

Here's a suggestion for you, go be an artist and quit blogging.

3) Horrid English

I totally detest this. I tolerate your colours, I tolerate your lovey-ness. But not your horrible-terrible-vegetable English. For your own good, if you can't write good English, i don't blame you. but, don embarrass yourself by trying so hard to blog in English okay?

I mean, effort is good. But, why don't u just resort to typing in Chinese or Malay? It's better for you and the others reading it =)

Example: thank God end up being thanks God

today, me is... HELLO?? there's NO SUCH THING. Go back to kindergarten and learn your grammar all over again. Then perhaps, you'll have hope.

people have to spend hours trying to decipher what you're trying to say in a short post. nothing better to do meh...

4) XX Group

This also applies to Friendster. Don'tx addx allx thex postx withx XXx okayxx?? Itx isx veryx hardx forx peoplex tox readx yourx postx. AND, don't, please, DON'T make ur own English words.

me will become miie

don't kill me. oh, and example: wish me good luckzz nehxxxx.


5) French Connection United Kingdom

Curse words. They're unavoidable. So, when you wanna say FUCK, don't go FCUK. Please la, they don't need people like you to help promote their brand okay? They're already in the market, and they're good.

You want curse, you do it right. You don't know how to spell, then don't blog. lemme teach you, it's F.U.C.K.

ughh. wondering why i sound pissed? i don't know why. might be the time of the month HAHAHA! enjoy~

.....heart, kamen

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


found this quite interesting article on
sadly, my ex-school's magazine.

Note: This post is dedicated to my procrastinator friend, lihong.

for those of u wondering what procrastination is
no, it has nothing to do with prostitution

Procrastination is a complex behavioral pattern embodying emotional, psychological and cognitive components. It isn’t just an inefficiency- it’s a syndrome that feeds on itself.

“the irrational tendency to delay tasks that should be completed”.

according to the article:

Is procrastination a slow form of suicide?

yes i think so

"I'll do it tomorrow"
"I have no mood to do now lah..."
"later la later..."

professional procrastinators say these things.

however, scary it may seem,
here are ways to save u people out there

*i don't know if it works though*

Step 1:
No more excuses. Just do it.

yeah, Nike it.

Step 2:
Do not succumb to distractions, however tempting they may be

yes lihong, i know i'm tempting, but don be distracted

Step 3:
Prioritize. Arrange the tasks that need to be completed in order of importance

Do not talk on the phone to various feigns for hours

Step 4:

Set incentives for your goals, if and only if you reach them

e.g. go pak tor after completing work.

Step 5:
Make To Do Lists, again prioritizing your tasks to be fulfilled.
Reminder: ‘Call best friend and tell her you love her’ is not a priority.

No. calling best fren and say u love her IS a priority.
thus, step 5 is inefficient.

Step 6:
Organize your weekly schedule.

Step 7:
Conquer anxiety. Flip out. Watch You Tube. Seriously hilarious fun.

or to Mr.King

Step 8:
Progressive muscle relaxation. Close your eyes to increase concentration

don't end up sleeping though

Step 9:
Put on some music.
It is a universally acknowledged fact that music exerts a calming effect that reduces stress, distracting you from current frustrations and stimulating positive emotions.

don't put stuff like Jay Chou or Rain though.
they're heavily distractive.

Step 10:
Don't take yourself too seriously.

erm...maybe you can.

by the time u manage to do everything
u won't be a lihong
oh yeah, another important point

Step 11:
when you're walking to meet ur fren, say hi to other frens but do NOT stop by half an hour
to talk to that friend.

people might be waiting impatiently

i love you lihong.
and my other procrastinator friends.
lastly, lihong shall be the
Queen of The Moon Procrastinator.

.....heart, kamen

Sunday, June 17, 2007


and last night was my grandfather's birthday


*candles not according to age though*
.....heart, kamen


i like song.
i like this part of the song


I walk away from your plannings
Returning to the myself that I know so well
All the conversations we once had
Can only live in the memories we share...

.....heart, kamen

to all fathers~

hmmm, today's fathers' day
and so, being the nice girl that i am...


ok lar, today i give face, duwan call bobi.

this reminded me of something that i once did, and found it

hilarious when i think back bout it.

*i'm sure u ppl out there did the same thing as i did so don't laugh*

when i was still a very cute puppy eyed *still innocent* girl, something like this:

i asked my parents

mami, today teacher told me that i was an egg from bobi dadi wan...

somehow, my mum was sporting enough to say

then how come i was the one who gave birth to you?

i was dumb enough to make matters worse by saying

i dunno...somehow the egg got trasfered to you wan...

my mum was not pai seh *well i din know whether she was or not* and asked

then wat happened to the egg shell?

stupid me said

oh ya hor. what happened?? come out as shit ah??

parents: - . -

gosh. was i that dumb or rather...innocent??

bwahaha i wonder which teacher taught me

lemme teach u lah. not egg, it's sperm.

neva learn biology wan ah??

i pro in that topic leh
wan me teach you?

.....heart, kamen

Saturday, June 16, 2007

magic cyndi~

this is Cyndi with her latest album


but i think i'll die if i wear this to college for just one day

i'll pai ka.

imagine walking up those crazy flights of stairs form AC for C floor

i'd rather die

but nevertheless, i love her heels!!

.....heart, kamen

Friday, June 15, 2007


ne, itterashai~~
enjoy in japan ne

remember my shoes and accessories ne
i'll miss u in class don worry
and make sure u miss me yea


see ya in july!!

psst: don be like alex ne. say help me buy comot but fong fei kei me =(

btw to those who dunno who Comot is, okla, its name is not Comot, but ann-tchi's one is!

this is Comot:

Girlfriend & Comot

.....heart, kamen




i'm a happy girl

my exams paper


.....heart, kamen

How To Post A Lala Pose~

as the title goes, lala
yaya, lots of girls posing around
especially in friendster
posing so-called cute pictures
haha cute my foot

here's ur guide:

1) Stick two fingers. i mean TWO, and pose the PEACE sign. yaya liddat.
REMEMBER: make sure u twitch ur mouth like some rabbit

then kononnya, smile like this

2) Spread ur fingers, all FINGERS and put it next to ur face.
REMEMBER: twitch ur mouth like rabbit

3) Use ur hand, lift up THREE fingers and put ur hand on ur face.
IF POSSIBLE, twitch ur mouth like rabbit


4) Pose ur hand as if u wan punch somebody, or like a puppy.
MUST: twitch ur mouth like rabbit

yes yes, and this is my guide to
pose lala-ly
enjoy ne!

.....heart, kamen

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

fetish metish~

omg i have a FETISH.

a great FETISH.

i've just realised i've got a fetish!

ok lar, it was ching and lihong who told me that...


u wanna know what fetish i have leh


i don wanna tell.

ok lar, being the nice me,

i shall tell =)

prepare ne

i have a fetish for...

*watch the similarities*

look at the hair


omg, am i weird??

.....heart, kamen

Saturday, June 09, 2007

releasing stress~

Warning: This post is going to sound like some typical teenage girly girls. *rolls eyes*

haha that was just an excuse.

have been watching this show lately

Hanazakarino Kimitachihe

花盛り の 君たち へ

this show is *thumbs up*

go watch go watch

it's from a japanese comic with the same title

and i found my latest interest

two leng chais and two perfectly nice songs

pic 2 and 3 = same person

there's screenshots of the show in the second vid
i like the kam mou leng chai!!
reminds me of my hair last time
on an unrelated note,
i've re-dyed my hair
so i'm not kam mou anymore!!
clap clap
but still cant cover the highlights
.....heart, kamen


exams are just around the corner.
in just two days time
i'll be sitting for business
so i shall stuff my face and hide it in my law book
wear my glasses, and become a nerd

happy studying, princess

sorry for the pic on top

cant help being a camwhore

i want to watch this

jessica alba!!
.....heart, kamen

Sunday, June 03, 2007

all hail our queen *not*~

Note: This post is not done willingly.

as you all can see, this is

yahoo! pool

players: me and ching

we were bored you see

after a number of rounds, i've
yes you guessed it,
lost the game

so, i was forced supposed to do this:

all hail the sibeh pool queen, chingmun lee a.k.a leelee


.....heart, kamen