Thursday, June 30, 2011

I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd, you're gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud.

Omg a very very overdue post! I completely forgot about it until well, till I was looking around my albums and remembered that I haven't posted anything about this on my blog.

Two weeks ago, I got the chance to work along the people who organized the Japan Super GT race in Malaysia, which was obviously held in the F1 Circuit in Sepang. Worked as the Japanese translator/interpreter for the entire event which lasted for 3 days.

Day 1: Race Practice

My uniform!

The awesome view of the track from the HQ office.

Needless to say, it was easy to acquire a good view of the entire race without the need to join the hassle in the crowd at the Grandstand with food and chilled drinks :)

The Media Center, where all the media people are stationed at.


Day 2: Qualifying Race

Started the morning by helping abit here and there since I was rather free.

Meet Galvin, who was kind enough to walk around the entire place with me to paste these soft boards.

I swear, the place is huge. I'm pretty sure those who have actually been to the Sepang race track would know how far of a walk the entire place is - and this includes the Paddock area. Crazy walk.

A rather cmi picture of us but yeah.

Galvin and I sabo-ed a buggy and went around driving it, which saved so much of walking for us! As jackoon as it might sound, it was my first time driving a buggy. It felt like driving a bumper car, really. And since then, we've been driving that buggy for 2 consecutive days till we got so sick of it we'd rather walk (wtf).

For some reasons, this reminds me of Fast & Furious haha.

One of the cars in the car show. There were so many cars ranging from your usual Ferrari, Porsche, Lambo, Vespa, Harley's, to even Rolls Royce (I felt like a low life, really).

Met Yvonne who was also working there. It's been so long since I've last seen her!

(Excuse my cmi face please. It's the FHM GND last year, you can't blame me for looking ugly next to her)

This, is a small part of the ultimate long queue waiting to enter for the pitwalk.

Here's a little anal thing I'd like to share. Galvin and I were so bored we decided to piss people off by just walking in while everyone else was still waiting. Just because we had the all access pass which enabled us to enter wherever and whenever we want. What asses we were seriously (lol).

Day 3: The Actual Race

Clearly, this is the real deal but by this time, our ears were half deaf already for obvious reasons. My left eardrum was literally hurting on the third/last day already.

This, is something I found really cool.

Before the race started, there was a gathering of super cars for the Malaysian Book of Records and it reached a total number of 405 super cars on the track. I have never ever seen so many super cars all gathered in one place in the past 20 over years of my life - and man, it was bloody awesome even for a non-car person like me.

One of the snapshots taken from the track during the gathering (all thanks to the access pass nonetheless).

The deafening race.

Meet Ayami, the Japanese GT Queen who I was suppose to be doing translating for also.

She is super super cute omg! Haha now I sound like one of those fangirls. And please excuse my cmi face yet again.

The Smelly came to visit too! :D

Fortunately, I managed to catch the very beautiful sunset in Sepang right when the entire event ended. I felt so lucky at that moment.

Yeap, that concluded my entire weekend back then. The whole routine of waking up at 5am (on a bloody weekend!) and only sleeping around 12am for three consecutive days. Not complaining though. It was a great experience anyone could have at this age and I'm happy that I managed to be exposed to events as such. It's really different from attending the race for the fun of it.

And lastly, a vain self pic to conclude the post :)


Monday, June 27, 2011



I'm also afraid,
That we might not have tomorrow after the dark ends.

我们都累了, 却没办法往回走
怎么说, 怎么说都没有救

We're both sick and tired but we can't look back anymore,
Both hearts lost,
And no words could save anything already.

亲爱的, 为什么?

Love, tell me why.
But maybe you might not know why either.
The reason why two lovers are waiting for each other to say goodbye.


Who'd still remember when did love started to change?
We started to see a different sky in our eyes.
We moved too far and now we're at the intersection
Is it that both of us have to have opposite dreams?


We promised that we'd hold hands and walk till the very end.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So many things were left unsaid, it's hard to let you go.


简简单单的两个字, 含义却那么重.

时间久了, 伤痕多了, 也多了眼泪的痕迹.

感情, 就是这样.


这句话, 足够让我相信吗?


放手, 我做到吗?
潇洒两个字离我很远, 该怎么办?

你曾是我吻过, 我爱过也伤过
你吻过, 你爱过也恨过


Monday, June 20, 2011

For all we know, we might not have tomorrow...

Monday, June 13, 2011




Thursday, June 09, 2011


Speechless. Have been looping this song the whole day.

安静 by Jay Chou


I don't believe when you said you'll be upset too
Holding you and having you by my side has now become the past.
I really hope that he will love you much more than I do
Then only I'll force myself out of this.

你要我说多难堪, 我根本不想分开
我没有这种天份, 包容你也接受他
不用担心地太多, 我会一直好好过.

How do you want me to be? I don't even want to part.
Why must you still want me to leave with a smile?
I am not talented enough,
To accept that you have him too.
Don't worry too much about me, I'll be fine.

你已经远远离开, 我也会慢慢走开
我真的没有天份, 安静得没这么快

You're walking further away and I'll slowly walk away too.
Why is it that I still listen to you when we part?
I am really not talented enough.
I will learn to slowly let you go,
That's because I love you too much.

Kill me.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011




Friday, June 03, 2011

Day 20: A Song You Listen To When You're Angry

Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Day 19: A Song From Your Favourite Album.

发如雪 by Jay Chou

All time favourite song. All fucking time.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Keep on dancing till the world ends.

After a long long hiatus from my partying days, finally popped to Zouk for Jee King's big day with a few more friends, and his missus of course.

We had dinner at Delicious, Bangsar before heading over to Zouk with the Smelly too.

The birthday boy with the lala pose wtf.

The durian cake was so awesome! But we couldn't have too much in case we smell horrible in the club later ahaha.

The King of the day and his missus.

The Smelly :)

At Zouk with the rest of the group!

Without the birthday boy. Reason being he was constantly missing from the place.

With the buddy! :3

Not many pictures were taken and all were taken using my phone, which explains the bad quality. And as for the last picture, vain self pic of yours truly :)

Sorry for the lack of words. I'm too lazy to type anything :x

Day 18: A Song You Wish You Heard On The Radio

Always Be My Baby by David Cook