Sunday, May 18, 2008

c'est la vie~

hmmm, it's been so long since i've last updated.
so let's hope i'll be able to make this post a long post bout how it's been lately.

it's kinda late, but it was Flo's birthday
30th April
took pictures...but not uploaded by them haha

and then, there's the last day of college
"celebrated" it with PB2
took a hell load of pictures
but just a small lil portion of it uploaded harhar

come to think of it, 1 1/2 year pass so fast
it was just the first day of college when we knew nobody in class
and then conflicts happen and all
and now, it's ended.

nostalgia over, EXAMS ARE COMING!
first paper on May 27th.
last paper on June 13th

* Friday the 13th!*

and on the same night itself,

Chateau des Luminieres

(Luminated Castle?)

oh well. nuff said.

mr superman lookalike

that's all the pictures for now.
more coming

.....heart, kamen