Wednesday, July 10, 2013

As much as I've lost and learnt, 
I'm glad I met someone like you.

Hello, once more.

I presume nobody reads this blog anymore since we have all grown out of our blogging frenzy back then but if you happen to stumble upon this page - hello there.

Towards the end of last year, I decided to lock my blog due to personal reasons. I even contemplated deleting the entire blog but I couldn't bring myself to click that button. I realized that I have been blogging since 2007 and this blog was proof of myself. It was proof of how I have came along the way and how I have grown. The old posts were embarrassing and some even mortifying. I even wrote about my horrible mistakes made in the recent years. It felt like I was denying myself if I were to delete the posts because I wanted to start new. To start fresh. That's not how it is. The past I had, it wasn't a past to be proud of, but at least all of that were what made me, me. 

Things have changed so much through the years and I have to admit, I have done many silly mistakes with my life, causing me to pay a great price. I spent too long lamenting over my loss and living in the past that I committed the same mistake I did, one more time.

I lived in the past for too long that I missed out on what I had in the present.

Took me a while to pick myself up, put my life back together and make sure that it does not swerve the wrong way again. Now that things are starting to look better, I've decided that I should start blogging again. No promises that this space would be frequently updated but that's not the point. I just need a space where I can talk about anything I want, be it random thoughts that crossed my mind. 

Till then, I hope you enjoy your time here. 

Yours truly.