Sunday, July 27, 2008


Life's been so boring these few days.
wonder where my peer lihong managed to get all the energy to blog.
and her entries are all long entries.
gimme some?

spent my days reading this japanese novel the entire day, everyday.

模倣犯 The CopyCat

really nice book.
apparently, it was a best-seller in Japan
and it was even made into a movie!

the story's about a guy who abducts women and starts killing them.
cold blooded, evil and intelligent guy who uses the media to announce and shows his murders live to the public.
seriously, it's gooood.
crazy, insane murderer.

it's never the same again.
never like how it was in the beginning,
things changed drastically,
and we stayed that way.

.....heart, kamen

Saturday, July 19, 2008


suddenly remembered something random
it happened when i went for dinner with my couz one night.
we went to some AC-like place
so the no.45-like guy passed us the menu and waited for us to order.

searching for what to drink, something caught my eye.

Michael Jackson

michael jackson can drink wan meh?

so we ordered. guess what it turned out to be?

Cincau and Soya Bean!
hahahahahahaha ironic.
what an icon he became - in a bad way.
but the person who came up with this was really creative hahaha.

.....heart, kamen


came across this piece of news and decided to post it on my blog to share it with you guys.

Initially saw it in Panda's blog

Apparently, this Japanese sculpture guy, made a figurine of an anime-character dude which then sold for $15 million in an auction.
Thinking it was made of diamonds or wrapped with branded designers' stuff, i checked it out. Upon checking, nope, no diamonds. No designers' brand.
Totally naked dude. Nothing interesting bout it, no?
wait till you see this pic.

now i know why it's so expensively priced.
the point is: his sperm.
spiral wannn
your sperm can a not??

so now maybe i changed my mind.
since i haven't started my Law degree, maybe i should take up Art or something.
then one day, maybe i'll make some cool sculpture
which can sell for $20 million or so.
i'll be filthy rich.
hmmm, worth thinking of.

.....heart, kamen


; Let's talk this over
; It's not like we're dead
; Was it something I did?
; Was it something you said?

; Don't leave me hangin
; In a city so dead
; Held up so high
; On such a breakable thread.

i'm so sick of everything. i really do not know what to do.

what should i do?

i've done all i could, yet we're still standing at the same point.

back right at where we started.

it never works the way we see it on tv.

where the boyfriend and girlfriend stays happily in love with each other,
regardless of anything happening to them. they stand strong together.

i've tried solving things. i've tried ignoring the problems.

but now, i really can't. it's pushing me to my limits... or maybe, we're in such a situation where, we're both pushing each other to our limits. doing things that neither of us like.

things have changed. it'll never be the same again. much for my happy ending.

seventh day~

pfft. still on holidays.
being the couch potato i am, i started watching all the shows on Astro on Demand.
watched everything until i ended up with this show.
not that new but not quite that old.

The Seventh Day.

very very very very nice.
seriously, worth watching.

me: eh ching, i kai siu you one show.
cm: what show? i only watched one show. the wat seven day show...
me: ya ya that show. DAMN NICE
cm: ya, I CRIED.
me: ME TOO!!!

then the two crazy women started talking bout the show.
very nice!
two leng chais and two leng luis.
she's really pretty. but sad show...
pity her.

.....heart, kamen

Sunday, July 13, 2008


went out with my secret lovers last monday
lihong, ching mun, xin and jia xin.
mama hong reached first, so she msged me saying

first time i'm the not late and im the first to reach.
wait for you in front of mcdonalds.

ok, so i was walking and tried spotting for her in front of McD, but couldn't.
so i was about to type this message to her:

where are you? i don't see you.
but i see a skinny bitch in front of mcd. are you anywhere near her?

but when i was halfway typing, that skinny bitch turned back, and omg.
it was sim li hong.
zhar dou.

then, jia xin came along.
ms. lee and ms. chen were late.
so we decided to enter the cinema first.

as we were lining up for popcorn, there were sum bunch of guys next to us.
one of the guys came joining his frens saying

eh, i couldn't get the tickets. Mission failed.

lihong: damn lame.

then suddenly, we came up with an even lamer "smart" idea.
*we even laughed ourselves thinking bout it*

this was our plan.
we passed the two tix to the ticket-man.
as usual, he asked us to write our friends' names on the tix.
so the moment came.
we wrote xinny, and chipmunk.

the plan was when ching and xin come asking for tix, the ticket-man would say
there's no ching mun here, only CHIPMUNK.


then they came in. and ching looked absolutely normal. so we wondered and asked.
that smart woman asked for two tix for Get Smart instead and that ticket-man just gave!


lihong: mission failed.

hahaha so that was the day.
im so lazy to get pics from ching's blog now.
so, for pics, visit her blog

.....heart, kamen

finally, pictures~

finally, im uploading my pics on prom.
sorry bout the GREAT delay.

erm, okay, i shall start with my lesbo partner.
Jia Xin

so we were inside the ballroom when i finally found something

me: eh eh, outside the door there got mirror. take picture quite nice wan.
jx: come, lets go.

and this was how it all started.
this kay-poh aunty pat all the way from the other side to my table just to say
eh, look who's on stage.
and then it was sean (ya the one that has the same eyes as lihong) with alia aishah
dunno how to spell
yea, they're together.
but this aunty, spoilt her heels on her way here

okay, now for my college darlings.

its just the same, just different lightings hahaha
we were too free.
aunty florence went taking pictures with her david darling.

okay, ini bukan darling.
this is orang who suddenly appeared from US hahaha

after many failed attempts, (i kept taking pictures cutting out half of his face)
only ended up with two pics

jy: you damn short laa.

jin hong: eh must take my entire body you know.
me: liddat how to see your face.
jinhong: i purposely wear so leng chai today. so must even take my shoes.

jin hong & john

jinhong: be damn proud. you're taking pictures with two hot guys.
haha okaaaay.

yang sik!

poser taufiq.

nut, me and vincent.

gay loy.

wei jian.
ahem, serene's ahem, crush.

omg, finally im done sorting out the pics.