Sunday, May 31, 2009

O Hai.

Caught up with JY today since he came back from US. This lucky bitch with summer break is already on the plane to Australia, and when he comes back, he'll be planning his Korea or Japan trip. Bitch.

Had lunch with him at Zanmai today, again. It's the second time I'm having sushi in the week already.


Yes, vain me.

Went back to MV again with Flo later on at night. Very very random. We initially wanted to have dinner somewhere near my place, and my place had nothing to eat nearby. So we then decided to eat at Taman Desa, which is the nearest to my house (and apparently it has loads of food around).

But the Cousin wasn't at home so we didn't know the good stuffs over there


So we detoured to MV, which was the second nearest place to my house. Hmmm.

Feels quite peaceful listening to this song. Well, it's pretty much an emo song though (knowing me, haha). But it's really nice! It's my new loop song kinda thing haha. Fell in love with it the first time I heard it (Thank you, you - for the song!). Haha maybe cuz I really like the lyrics a lot.

Absence make her heart grow fonder
While I'm conquering the last frontier
One day you'll understand how much you have me
I can't offer you the future - I don't know it myself

All I can offer you is me
I'm all I can offer you right now.

- One Day by Opshop*.

*Opshop is a New Zealand rock band formed in 2002. Formed by Invercargill born, Christchurch raised, singer/songwriter Jason Kerrison who was then joined by a few band mates (which then formed Opshop).

Ok la, basically this is the gist of it. I summarised this from Wiki cuz it's too long for me to copy and paste haha wtf.

My artistic shot of the day, wtf. HAHAHA.

What The Fish?

This is going to be a very random post. The "catalyst" (wtf) which triggered me into posting this was some dude in Zouk last night who came over to tell me that I look like her. And he was a random stranger! Wtf, yea I know.

I'm too lazy of mentioning those various "Fish incidents" back in Taylor's last time anymore. Some friends tell me that and even my mom's friends told her the same! It freaked Angeline out when she saw the pictures too :O

But I don't get it. I just don't get it.

The issue is: People sometimes tell me that I look like Fish Leong (a Chinese singer, just in case you don't know who she is). No, seriously. I personally don't think so but even strangers randomly tell me that (Some random guys started shouting Fish Leong when I walked past thinking that I was stupid and on another occasion, a guy shouted to his friend that I was the Fish Leong he was talking bout wtf). Or a friend's friend's friend. Or the guy I once had a crush on (Haha, he only told me that he thought I look like her when he first saw me years after he knew me). Or, anyone! :O

Is there really a resemblance?

This is Fish Leong.

This is, yours truly.

This is her too.


Okay, me again.



What do you think?

Okay, I admit I didn't know what else to blog about anymore. Hello, at least it's not anywhere near an emo post! Speaking bout emo, Fish Leong does have a few very good emo songs (Jon once said she's the queen of emo songs).

Do leave comments on this post if you think so, or don't think so haha :D

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Burn Those Calories Yo!

Yes. I finally managed to dance, after one month wtf.

Was at Phuture @Zouk with Flo last night. It was super awesome! We danced and danced till our legs didn't feel like it belonged to us anymore at the end of the night. Hmmm, imagine dancing from 12 am till 3 am with 4 inch heels. And who said you got to exercise to burn those evil calories? :P

Flo and I :3

Met Josh there when we reached.

Phuture was so crazily packed that it was hard to even dance! And I thought people would all be in Freedom :/ Oh, Velvet was so empty though. Hopped over to Velvet for a while and the dance floor was completely empty. How contradicting.

I'm too lazy to type anymore. Headache is being a bitch, and my legs hurt.

I love this pic <3


Finally managed to meet him that night. Our timings were never right. It's either him being busy with photoshoots or me being busy :(


Dance, baby!

OMG it's Jonny! :O

Haha wtf. I can't remember why we came up with this pose already.

Katy dancing on the bar table! Sexehh.

Another picture that I like. Maybe it's cuz of the weird light effect haha.

HAHA! I must end it with a vain self pic! Was taken at NZ while we were waiting for Andy.

It was one hella great night! My feet are so satisfied now :]

All our favourite songs were played last night. Pokerface babyyy. And not forgetting Cookie Jar & Beautiful :D

Ironically, this song never fails to play and often, they only play the Chorus part of the song - Right Now (Na Na) by Akon. Don't ask me why it's ironic, cuz if you know me well enough, you'd know what I like in songs and you'll know why I'd say its ironic :)

Okay, back to domestication. Or rather, like how Sharon puts it - home confinement :(

うん、I guess we could compromise on that.
Deafening the music was, but I suppose
It was the clearest thing I heard that night.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Itchy Feet, I Wanna Dance.

She's back! And the first thing she said she missed was the orgasmic carbonara.


Had dinner with Flo after she sneaked back from Penang. Well, sneaked cuz she initially wanted to make it a surprise for her boy (which of course, didn't turn out to be one). Poor girl, she's sick.

Pills and drugs, literally. Wtf.

There was a lame joke on this special packet of tablets.

Flo: The doctor from Penang prescribed me 3 tablets, and there's still three left till now.

K: Why? Does it have like repercussions on your body like painkillers or something?

Flo: No. Cuz it's suppose to be eaten in the morning only *evil laugh*

K: -__________________-

Double You - Tee - Eff.

And we started laughing like idiots in the car. Okay, not funny. It's kinda like a you-gotta-be-there-to-find-it-funny kinda thing. Too bad. And for those who knows her well enough, she never wakes up. Her morning would be a normal reasonable man's afternoon. (FYI: once, I've tried to wake her up and called her 44 times, to no avail).

Oh, my carbonara rocked big time. There goes the diet sighhh. Hmmm, apparently a plain soba diet is good. I shall consider living on that for a while, maybe :D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just The Wind, A Chair, And Nothing Else.

I've been feeling so restless recently. Almost everyone's on holiday and uni's like so dead already, since the July and September intake has left for their break. I miss them smelly people :(

And finally, stuffs have gone to its rightful owner's hands. I'm glad you liked it :)

Met Jonny at MV today for Lunch before he leaves back home to Kiwiland, and we had Japaneseeeee. It's been almost a month since I've had Japanese. Yumm :9

Of course, I had to camwhore :D

Oh I found my new beloved besides Mint Choc Kisses.

Hokey Pokey from New Zealand Natural :9

Stone face :P

Oh, and I like this pic below hahaha Cuz:

...he did the "sexy" pose but (nice try though haha)

I just look sexier, I can't help it :P

It was nice bitching to you about all my bitchy/gullible/not-using-brain stories, there'll be more to come. Finally, you're going home.. I know you missed home a lot. Take care, you. Ganbare!! Psst, don't lose your things anymore!

It was a fun day I had today :D

Bulkehhh lol and "Starbucks, near our balls?" hahaha wtf sounds damn wrong. I laughed like an idiot alone when I read it that some people thought I was some kinda weirdo.

要如此坦然来面对对方, 你我也应该花了很多时间吧.

By the way, it's the 27th today. I'm coping well enough with it already :)

最後のキスはタバコの flavour がした


I'm only myself when I'm with you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'd Do It Your Way.

I believe.

You know I would, in anything you said - even if it was a lie.
As long as you said it.
You know I would.

I'm almost there, almost. Where those feelings won't haunt me anymore. And nobody could hurt those feelings anymore, or at least - I'll try my best to not let them. Or as how you'd put it, I'll use my brains and be less gullible haha wtf.

At least, I'm well enough to say that I'm coping fine. I do get reminded of various things once in a while, but it's okay. Life still goes on babeh :D


Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm Freaking Out.

Wish me luck.

Cuz I need it, badly.

Edit: Hmm, not really. I wasn't as freaked out as I thought I was haha!

Went to PJ for some stuffs. Will blog bout it more soon, when June comes :)

With Amanda, she's a blogger too :D

Nick :)

Sarah Lian, an actress. (She's hot!)

The setting sun.

It was more beautiful real life :(

Heh heh :3


Now I know.
Qi was right. So right.

(but I highly think that she forgot what she said haha)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Big 7

Celebrated Grandpa's birthday yesterday. Mom woke me up early morning for it and we started preparing from morning till night. It was quite a while since I've been that tired. But all in all, it was well worth the effort :)


Being a family thing, of course the Couz was there :D

Wei Yeen, our other couz :)

I take cool pictures :D

Mun & I, our younger couz.

How can the party be complete without us doing lame things?

Haha we rushed to get into the pic when we saw cameras flashing there and mind you, there was a whole crowd of people there.


This picture is damn classic haha. This is how you define "muka sien" perfectly.

Kah Weng & I. He's basically half a relative. For the past few years, there was never an occasion without his presence. Be it Mothers' Day or Chinese New Year.

And everyone likes him a lot :x

O hai. It's us two again :D

The cute bitch.

All of us grandchildren :D

The rest of the pics are in Facebook :)

And I shall conclude this post with a vain picture of myself. Sorry la. I need to keep reminding you of how I look, especially for those of you on holidays. In case you people forget how I look like, wtf.

Ok I'm satisfied now, bai.