Sunday, April 29, 2007


This post is to declare that Ms. ChingMun Lee a.k.a LeeLee has gotten 90 out of 100 in the prevous How kaMEn Are You? test instead of 80. HAPPY???? i ask you, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW??? *i know ur gonna say no* so, after some lame conversations we had, i shall re-declare.

Ms. ChingMun Lee a.k.a LeeLee has gotten 100 *full marks* in the previous test.


.....heart, kamen

true friend~

how much do you know me? MUAHAHA. must take yea... =3

Create your own Friend Test here

.....heart, kamen

Saturday, April 28, 2007

those were the days~

i've just realised, how we all grew. gradually, each and every one of us start to change, without realising it. here's the journey of our love <3>

again, we were back to the kasturi days...

and then, jeng jeng, the spm days... *pure torture*

we just had to camwhore, in between spm.

now u see what's became of us under spm stress.

us kicking the logs off the front of the

lanci lan yong residents near school.

toilet days.

then, here came the leng lui chio day, not dayS...PROM DAY!!

woohoo, time to release stress now in genting...

on the way...

we were there!!!


and then, college started...

McD mornings

in the toilet, but AC toilet XD

remember that day we went rapping

yo yo bluerk yo bleh bleh

library days

*college causes eyebags*

PDA days in the car =3

and this, is our journey of our love. did we change? indeed we did =3 but still, i love this girl!

she's my sunset.

.....heart, kamen

ponder ponder~

are you pondering what i'm pondering?

i wonder. how certain peopole can have so much to blog about?
i wonder. how people can survive being empty whole day long?
i wonder. what is there to blog about now?

wonder wonder wonder....ponder.

lost. i do not know what to blog about anymore. i'm lost. oh noes. u know, the feeling that you want to update, but end up not knowing what to type? yeah, that's how i feel.

.....heart, kamen

mother fucking princess~

she is just damn cool.
check out her hair
too bad, it doesn't suit us asians =(
and yes you,

.....heart, kamen

*wind blows*~

sad, unwanted threesome.

*with a paper aeroplane*

.....heart, kamen

Tuesday, April 24, 2007



.....heart, kamen


life is boring nowadays
i see no meaning
in everything.

life feels empty
i do not know why
as though something is missing.

classes are stone-classes
relationship, we're arguing
friends, feels empty
people around,
they're fucked up.

nothing is going my way,
everything is going exactly the way
i do not want it to be.


.....heart, kamen

Thursday, April 12, 2007


shitz man, these things come from xin the binny.
haha, try this out.
it's fuckin cool. trust me =D
*innocent smile*

.....heart, kamen

Monday, April 09, 2007


.....heart, kamen


daLin, here's the pics haha!

.....heart, kamen