Sunday, May 27, 2007


im bored, and i'm in the blogging mood.
i do not know what to blog about.
and i'm supposed to study har-har
what shall this post be about? ponder ponder...
everyone is having their holidays and

omg my blog is getting so un-interesting

lack of pictures!!!

.....heart, kamen

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Confessions of a teenage drama queen princess: *bwaha princess ur head*

I've decided to un-vulgarise my blog due to various reasons. ok lar, duwan too vulgar lah.
make it abit more decent ok? haha bet you people out there thinking

lets see how long she can tahan

yes i can tahan. malaysia boleh. *yeah rite*

.....heart, kamen


i lust for you
Nokia 6288
.....heart, kamen

Monday, May 21, 2007


SAM students are all having their exams this week
*and 95% of my frens are in SAM*
in case you do nt know wat SAM is, its
South Australian Matriculation

meh, u must be thinking i still have 5% left rite?
those are my classmates.
they're nice people =3

back to my topic,
since they're havin exams,
they end early.
and since they end early,
they go home early.
and since they go home early,
i'll be all alone
for not just one week,
but three detesting weeks.

cuz after their exams,
they're off to holidays
*cheers* meh
and when they come back,
time for me to sit for exams.

and adding to my depression,
i miss my phone terribly.

.....heart, kamen

Sunday, May 20, 2007


haihz, yes i still miss my phone.
wake up every morning, mourning bout it
missing it so much

and now im using this:

and i want this


.....heart, kamen

Saturday, May 19, 2007

too bad~

.....heart, kamen says:

my mother say my blog sangat vulgar

*`//¤»Ching«¤- says:

chhe bye kia mou chai sang. i wuz thinking


waa steal phone can kena until liddat sad wei

too bad man.

who ask you steal me phone away hah?

got balls/chee-bye to steal then prepare to be cursed la right??

once again, here's something for you


but since my mum say my blog is too vulgar, it shall be

.....heart, kamen

forever in remembrance...~

I MISS IT SO MUCH....... =(

all the pictures and msgs...
all the memories....
gone just like that...
i curse you, whoever who stole my phone from my bag,
MOU CHAI SANG!! *no future generation*
if you're sum old aunty or uncle who most probably menopaused edi,
i curse you,
get cancer and die orsumthing
and your son or daughter oso

who cares if you say im evil or whatever. you know what? I DON'T FUCKING CARE. who ask you so chee bye kia there go steal my phone?? steal my money or any other thing, steal my pencilbox whatever oso I DON'T CARE. BUT WHY MUST YOU FUCKING HELL TAKE MY PHONE!


i'm in bad luck. bad things have been happening to me lately.

1. sum chee-bye-kia No.1 roasted my hand with his cigarette bud!

2. chee-bye-kia No.2 stole my beloved phone which i can't live without!

3. i hit my leg, hard on the bathtub when i wanted to take a shower *and now, got blue black di*

4. i was digging papaya, and it just flew off splatting onto the floor disgustingly.


i miss my phone....and since i lost it, no more pictures on fugly roasted more vain pictures.....sorry.....

.....dishearted, kamen

Sunday, May 13, 2007

of cats and chickens~

this is stupid.

i was typing typing in lihong's chatbox saying "don let us stare cock at ur hair like what we did to ur eyes again".
and then bloody blogger CENSORED my cock until it became stars ****
so i complained to lihong.

lihong: try typing pussy.

and of course i did. then THEY CENSORED MY WORDS AGAIN until it looked so retarded: ***** wussy.

how retarded can that be.

meh. you think everyone as sick as you meh blogger. think until so sick.


cat and chicken oso wan censor....ur heart no love wan. i call SPCA. your mather never teach you pussy cat before meh. you play badminton neva use shuttlecock wan meh.

i love animals
.....heart, kamen

snakes are ugly~

omigawd. ann-tchi, how can you say that...snake skins are.....beautiful?
bah. i have great grudge over snakes. they're ugly.

look at them sticking the tongue out and go sssssssssstttt yucks. uglay.

they come attack you out of nowhere.
they come patuk you and give you two ugly life-taking dots.
then some romantic guy or girl will come suck it out for you.
*how romantic*

yuck. snakes sucks.

beautiful disgusting snake skin

i hate snakes

.....heart, kamen

Saturday, May 12, 2007

ebi chan~

woohoo, ann-tchi now i finally agree with you that.....


she's cuteee neh. ^-^ if only i had half her looks... =( *goes into ultimate depression*

yuri ebihara a.k.a ebi-chan

.....heart, kamen

Friday, May 11, 2007


This song is splendid. *available in the playlist at the side*
Title: Aeng Mu Sae - Parrot by HowL

I miss you again, like yesterday
Won't this feeling of missing you, lessen any?
I keep thinking about you.

The more I try to sort through it all,
the more the tears come.
Even when I try to steal it,
the memories spread into different memories through the tears that I shed.
It makes me cry so painfully.

All I can do is regret,
because all I ever did was receive.
But I'm afraid you'll forget me because I've never gave you anything.

I love you, I love you
These words have become a habit and these words are among the many
I've learned from you.
I sit around alone mumbling to myself like a fool
I'm sorry truly, I'm sorry.
I'm even sorry that these words are so late
But I'm waiting here for you shamelessly
Will you by chance come back tomorrow?

Even if the birdcage that represented you was narrow
I still liked it, I was still happy.
I'm returning to the day,
to my dreams when I believed in a forever without seperation

If I could go back I'd gather my heart,
I'd take everything from it and give it you.

My heart.. In the end even if you can't come
and you've changed
and I'm not the one for you any longer
I'll call and call out to you again
Like a parrot calling only your name..
Wishing for only your love like this...
.....heart, kamen

studious me~

exams are coming in three weeks time.
gotta study half of the book_
the entire AS syllabus.
half of it is enough to kill me.
im lost in econs
im stressed out.
it's about time to open my books and start becoming a nerd

_studious me

.....heart, kamen

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


what do you think about when u hear that word? but? korean? wrong. CHING MUN.
or maybe leng chais XD
Typical Scenes in Korean Dramas:
1) Cry, Cry and Cry
bleh. all they koreans do, *actors OR actresses* can cry well. and i mean, really well. i always wonder how they do that. in a few seconds they'll manage to cry a river. lalala~
2) Silence
One will run around looking for the other, and when they finally find them, *most probably at the far side of the street* they'll just stone at the other. and when that person walks away, they'll start their running marathon again. The problem is, why can't they just call out the person's name? weird... o.O
3) Similarities
Their storyline is always the same. It's either they face family problems (related, parents don let bla bla...) or one loses the memory, or maybe got pihak ketiga. woohoo~
4) Pretty Ladies & Hot Guys
Perfect. Korean actors are always, without fail, kakkoi. leng chais. H.O.T
you want a list? i'll give you a long one =D
The actresses, erm....let's see...they're...cute? haha and pretty of course. chio-ness
meh. i sound like i have something against korean dramas...hey too bad, i lurve em. they're great. ^^
and i shall end this post with this word.....
woohoo~ you know what it means? ni in chinese, and you in english of course. and no, im not giving you credit for reading this or am i calling your name. ni's sake. i like that word. *shhhh* i wonder why =D
.....heart, kamen

oh noes~

*last minute study tonight is not good for health*

.....heart, kamen