Sunday, April 27, 2008


it's been such a long time since i last updated.

exams are over,

and well, around the corner.

yea, trials are over and the real thing is coming.


then i'll be off to HELP
reuniting with lihong mama and xin mama.
but not ching mama

last movie i watched was

L Change The World

wakakaka! aku sangat sukaaaa

wait, no. last movie i watched was No Country For Old Men


i slept. its so pointless and boring, sorry, i don't have an "arty" taste i guess

nor am i good in Oscar movies.

so as i was saying, L Change The World.
aku sangat sukaaaaa

ok-la, aku sangat suka L saja... hahaha

as for now, i shall be sitting in front of the comp
watching NANA lol

it's good, really.

can watch it here.
*click click*

P.S. Jia Xin, i'm ahead of youuuu. cuz i read the book wakakaka

any other shows to watch?
recommendations, anyone?

.....heart, kamen

Sunday, April 06, 2008

how they change~

things happening recently made me reliase
how guys actually change.

for example,
in the beginning of the relationship,
they visit ur blog a gazillion times a day

Long term: they'd rather visit politicians' blogs.

in the beginning,
they send nice sweet comments for u

Long term: they'd rather visit random friends' pages.


how sad.

on the brighter side....


ur 19 now.
wakakaka ur older than me

.....heart, kamen