Thursday, December 31, 2009

Maybe it's true, I can't live without you.

What better way to end this year's post than to blog about my trip to Singapore with the Cousin! We left KL on the 27th and came back on the 30th. Well, we didn't visit any tourist attraction places, all we did was to shop, shop and shop. (The Cousin claimed that Orchard Road could be considered as a tourist attraction).

Seriously, I've never walked that much before in my entire life. For 4 consecutive days, we walked like dogs. And our sole method of transport was the bus. Oh oh and it seemed more like a durian trip hahaha. We had durian pancakes every day when we were there! How orgasmic. The ride home was great too. We had very comfortable seats and spent our time sleeping and watching 40 year old virgin. Before we knew it, we reached KL :O

T'was a very very enjoyable trip. Our accomplishment? We went with just one bag and came home with 3 heavy bags each. We almost had to drag it home. Oh, and I had an empty wallet :D

Orchard Road!

Domo kun :D

Erm, some figurines (?) along Orchard Road.

Greedy bitch :P

Day 2

The sole reason why there weren't any much pictures on Day 2 was cuz we shopped like mad. The entire Victoria Street was... orgasmic. So many to choose, so many to buy. We went crazy and completely forgot about the gadget called camera.

Day 3!

Sigh, the Cousin bought some lame Carebear and that explains the reason why it appeared in almost every picture. She was so happy cuz it constantly annoyed me.


Orgasmic lor bak kuey in Chinatown. I swear, this was the best I've ever had!

Psst. I'm so sure you're gonna like this.

Day 4.

Waiting for time to pass at Novena Square.

Seriously, we bought loads of stuffs. Useless ones or not. Cuz they were bloody cheap. Yes, we did our conversion and it's still bloody cheap. Well, a very very enjoyable trip when all emo stories were out of our minds and all we did was to enjoy life (despite the fact that there is this thing about SG which completely annoys the shit out of us).

Our lame jokes, stupid flamingo in the bus, Miley Cyrus, tragedies, funny things we did while waiting, the random arguments we had when we have nothing better to do than to argue with each other, oh and the establishment of our future company (wtf). Yes, we're that weird. Sue us.

We should really have another trip somewhere next year, Bangkok this time! (We'll definitely come back dragging our bags this time).

More pictures to be uploaded soon on Facebook.

Happy New Year people!! Have a very enjoyable New Year's Eve night alright?


My last post of the year :-)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So take a look at me now.

Here's the New Year's post again. Was reading my post last year and well, I have no comment. Resolutions, resolutions. I had 4 resolutions last year:

1) Work hard for my Law degree.
Somehow, I find this very funny. I typed this before I even started Day 1 of my first year in uni. No wonder I was so... determined. Managed to pull through Year 1 and finally, now that I'm in my second year - I've lost all determination.

2) Be a better person - both mentally and physically. Call me shallow.
Hah. I've gained weight through the entire year. Nuff said.

3) Do something I've never did - something un-Kamenly. I haven't thought of any yet, but I will.
Done, and still doing.

4) The final one, I'll keep this to myself. It is yet the most important one, the only thing I really wanna strive badly besides my degree.
Forget it.

Huhu so much for resolutions huh? My resolutions this year? I'd rather not have resolutions :D

Recapping about my entire year... Hmmm...

Uni life started - the commencement of Year 1. Made a lot of new friends, was basically emo for the entire month due to what happened at the end of the previous year.

I remember our Orientation Night was during February, somewhere near Valentines' Day. That night was a lot of fun. I still remember we had a late night (kinda) mamak session after that. Really enjoyed that month a lot.

Shit happened. Extremely emofied. End of story.


Baby Flo finished her exams and we went playing here and there, literally. Drove to all sorts of places we could think of everyday in her white Myvi. Woke up, called one another (mostly it's me trying desperately to wake her up), got ready, played entire day, got home and rested for a while and we're out for the night again. Yes, those days were pretty much repetitive through these months.

Then, there was the Most Wanted ruumate competition, with events going on every once in a while. Made quite a few friends through that too. Oh, I remember there was this point of time somewhere during those months when I found out something totally heartbreaking too. Those were dark days indeed...

Baby Flo left. Chingy darling left. My loves left.


Hmmm, I'd rather keep this part to myself. Completely emofied.

My birthday!

We've made up our minds - December 12th it shall be :-)

So that wrapped up my entire year. Not much details, but yeah. Let's hope year 2010 would be a better year ahead :)

May all of you beloved readers have a good year ahead, and do enjoy your New Year's Eve celebration! Happy 2010 :D

P/S. Wished you were here. 4 more days, and you'll be home.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

That's where I'm gonna wait for you.

Come home.

5 more days, and I'm done.

Monday, December 28, 2009

All I gotta do is find a way back into love.

To my secret lover,

You know you have my love, despite you always calling me fat and all. You're not really secret anymore since I've publicly displayed our not-so-secret relationship over here already. Can't wait till you're home in May. Perhaps, thinking that next year is coming soon will make me feel better

You know I miss you so (and I know you can't stop thinking about me). And you promised that we'll have lots of memories when you're home and before I fly off next year. You also promised that we'll party like there's no tomorrow.

In the meantime, you may enjoy with your white chicks over there, you'll be forgiven. Don't be upset that you're not in my "two is better than one" already alright? See, I made sure I made a post just for you before I leave for Singapore to make sure you don't feel left out while I'm away (This is a scheduled post and I'm typing this right after you've complained).

You said you were the special one who could break the curse. But I highly doubt so. Yourself being a J, and not just any J - but... yeah, you know what your name is, which makes it worse. But it's okay, our relationship shall last till it lasts. I'll have faith. I'll mend your broken heart as you'll mend mind (Though I wish you could change your name).

Damn, this is getting way too cheesy. Can I stop now? Hahaha!

P/S. Don't take picture with Leighton Meester (Blair) when you meet her okay. You know I'll be jealous... that you get to snap a pic with her! :P

Love, hime.

Okay, cut the crap. Jon, stop having so much fun and come home quick can you? <3

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last Christmas.

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I’ll give it to someone,
I’ll give it to someone special

Happy Christmas

I wrapped it up and sent it
with a letter saying I loved you
I meant it
now I know what a fool I've been

Well, it's been a year,
it doesn't surprise me.
Now I've found a real love,
you'll never fool me again.

- Last Christmas

Oh, what better lyrics. It's as though the song knew me better than anything else - when every line of the song would hit me like a needle.

Ah, it's the 27th... it's been a year since that day when I received the sudden call. When you left me heartbroken and crying like a small girl everyday. Cried for you I did. But it's okay now, cuz I think I've found my smile again :-)



Saturday, December 26, 2009

Maybe it's true.

Happy Boxing Day!

I'm home! And leaving again, for Singapore the day after tomorrow - returning on the 30th. Yeap, slightly just before the year comes to an end. And there's all those obligatory new year's post/resolutions etc etc. But those can wait. Because I'm too tired to write shit, so I'm basically just typing out anything that pops into my head right now.

This Christmas was slightly different. A quiet and serene Christmas. Spent it over a drinking session with Mom and some friends and late night yam cha - all of these away from town. Well, Christmas was suppose to be that way I guess :/

In the hotel, preparing to go out.

The bar/pub we were at.

With Mom :)

The trip was a pretty much enjoyable one - minus the horrible traffic jams on the roads. It was worse than those we have in KL. And by the way, I had the best otak-otak ever yesterday, courtesy of a friend. Frankly, I'm never an otak-otak person. I was never a fan of those and in fact, I never touch those. But yesterday, I was introduced to the best otak-otak you can ever find. Too bad a friend bought it all the way from Muar. I want moreeeee :(

More pictures on Facebook, as usual. ;-)

Now it's time to unpack, and pack for Singpapore. Couz, we're hitting the roads soon :D

And they say, two is better than one.
I never knew that all along,
Till we finally realised how very much we were attached to one another.

Nobody else would know me as much as you do.

So maybe it's true, that two is better than one.

Friday, December 25, 2009

And all I want for Christmas is you.

Merry Christmas!!

Just a short note to wish you fellow readers.

Will be home soon tonight.

(Well, obviously this is a scheduled post heheh)


Love, the princess.

P/S. I miss you.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

To you, Santa.

I've just realised recently, that a year has passed us by so quickly. I think this would be more appropriate to be written on New Year's Eve but I think Christmas will mean more to me. And by a year, I'm sure some would know what I mean.

A year - many have changed since a year ago. I've lost quite some stuffs through this one year (and have definitely gained too!) One thing I've definitely gained? Weight. Lots of them. Bloody annoying.

Christmas, a season I've always loved. The Christmas (or rather, Christmas Eve) I had last year, I'll never forget it. One very worth remembering. When quite some memorable stuffs happened, to me at least :)

Merry Christmas :)

Let's hope Christmas this year would be fun too... even though both my loves are away and none of them are here to celebrate it with me (one in Manchester and another in Australia) :(

Well, I'm pretty sure the long planned escapade to Singapore post Christmas would definitely be fun :D

It's Christmas Eve yo! What are you doing being home? :P

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I didn't mean to break your heart.

转身离开, 分手说不出来
我们的爱差异一直存在, 回不来.

只是一切结束太快, 你说你无法释怀
面向海风, 咸咸的爱
热情不再, 我的笑容勉强不来,

肯假装总会骗到你, 无奈我自觉卑鄙

是我真的不够喜欢你, 纯被爱未免太悲
他应该使我有心跳, 陪着你没有惊喜
我对你不够狠, 对不起.

我试过在暗中配合你, 我试过学放松接受你
我爱你不够深, 对不起.

Commitment issues, giving way out, I'm sorry, spider web.
All those things,
they're all plain repetitive to me - I've seen them 364 days ago.
And now, they're repeating all over again - completely the same.
Just that this time - it's me.


The curse stayed, after all.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just close your eyes each loving day.

You'll most prolly laugh and call me loser when you see this.


come home now will you?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Please don't try so hard to say goodbye.

Have a safe flight you.

You'll have 14 lifeless days without me, but do have fun nevertheless :-)

Will miss you.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Don't stop, make it pop.

And I'm thinking, two is better than one.

You just had to text then, didn't you? Stupid boy :P

You can't make it feel right when you know that it's wrong.

Finally, updates! Poppy night with Mia and PL. Finally got to meet Shryne and Victoria there, after hearing bout them for some time x)

PL babe :D

Well, we were bored. So we did our usual thing :P

Victoria, the sexy babe :D

Then it was ice skating with the two babes the day after (Mia went shopping while we skated). We didn't slip and fall!

The most decent pic of the day.

Then it was Rock Band after that! (A just insisted that it's called Rock Band rather than Band Heroes so yea heheh). Who's up for another round this time? :P

Finally today, it was Avatar! It was a good show. I didn't expect it to be something I'd enjoy watching, really. Ended up being quite interested during the movie. Hmmm...


See the heart shape? <3

I'm so tired. My eyelids are literally stuck together soon. Nights :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Look for the girl with the broken smile.

I'm sorry for the lack of/slow updates lately. Have been pretty much busy these days being out. I think I spend my time out more than I do at home recently... and this is bad. Real bad. Might get me into shit soon.

Was a Poppy with the girls last night, and late night/early morning mamak with PL, Mia and A. Nights are fun when you're slightly intoxicated. Cuz that's when I start talking like nobody's business. Not like I don't already, but I talk more than I usually do - like completely without full stop. All I remembered was hopping into A's car and started talking rubbish - random rubbish. I talked all the way from Poppy to NZ, continued talking in there, all the way back to Poppy again, and throughout the way to Subang SS15. I eventually got tired and napped on the way home. Pity A that he has to put up with this shit the entire night.

Band Heroes again with PL and Mia today. Rocked socks :D:D

Life is definitely good when assignments are over. Just one subject down, but the rest are all due next year - so I guess I can momentarily forget about them for the time being.

Let me hold you for the last time, it's the last chance to feel again.
When I love you and so untrue, I can't even convince myself.
When I'm speaking it's the voice of someone else.

You can't play on broken strings,
You can't feel anything that your heart don't want to feel,
I can't tell you something that ain't real.

How can I give anymore, when I love you a little less than before?

Oh what are we doing, we are turning in dust.
Playing house in the ruins of us.

Running through the fire when there's nothing left to save,
It's like chasing the last train when we both know it's too late.

- Broken Strings by James Morrison

这个游戏, 我继续不了. 我真的很累.
被无视的问题不会消失, 被压抑的情感不会过去.
我们之间, 还有什么能挽回?
放手, 我们应该会更好过.



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You were everything, everything that I wanted.

Now that Land assignment is over, I am now free - for the time being at least, till the next assignment is due. Or until next year. (Technically, it's January next year). So, where's the party tomorrow night? :D

Every time I see Christmas decorations, I can't help but to feel a slight bit nostalgic. Especially those in Mid Valley - those big big trees, you once called it. And that is when I can't help but think of the could have been's. Of what might or might not have happened. Of the dream I had a year ago. Oh well, life goes on. I'll make sure I have a happy Christmas this year too. Not as, but still will be. I promise :)

Will be heading off to Singapore with the Cousin during Boxing Day. So how can I not have fun this year :D Ah, the sales... Takashimaya.... the escape from town. But before that, I really gotta get my passport renewed. It's a real pain in the ass I swear. I've been there twice, and left without it being renewed. Reason being that it was way too crowded that even if I were to wait the entire day there, it would still never be my turn. I'm resolute. Imma wake up early morning this Saturday and start lining up at 7am. If I still don't get it renewed, well.... FML.


而当我和走在一起, 总是如此的貌合神离.
太幸福, 很危险.
有时候, 也宁愿回到一个人的从前,
一个人的走, 一个人的哭, 一个人的笑.
如今想起来, 还有那么一点点的嫉妒

For Daniel.

Jon says (12:26 AM):
Love is a fairy tale, it doesn't exist. We're all just affected by the virus called emotions.

Jon says (12:26 AM):
you should quote me.

Hahaha stupid boy. Stop being emo and start your blog soon! Can't wait till you're home <3

Hmm, this reminds me, there was another quote from SK which kinda impressed me too:

Love is forever, only partners change."

Hmmmm. Back to assignments. Kill me. Mind the blog title, he complains he's never made any appearance on my blog.... so there. I make an exception this time :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

If I worked hard enough... nah, it's too late.

Assignments are killing me. T'was a very enjoyable day today. Cuz I managed to have fun and do my assignment at the same time :))))

I'm too tired to continue with assignments. My eyes can barely stay open. What am I to do??

镜子里的我, 能不能告诉我到底该怎么办?
进退两难, 到最后伤到的也是自己.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wishful thinking.

I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up running from one falling star to another till I drop. This is the night, what it does to you. I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.

— Jack Kerouac

如果能把一切忘记, 我宁愿忘记.

朋友恋人, 就差那么一条线
无奈的我, 只好继续的迷路下去.

有些心意, 不可等某个日子
只差一秒, 心声都已变历史

Another year gone, what next?

It has been a year. A year since that day in Starbucks.

You were so fabulous.

There are those hearts that never mend again once they are broke. Or if they do mend, they heal themselves in a crooked and lopsided way, as if sewn together by a careless craftsman.

— Kaite CaMillo, The Tale of Despereaux


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle.

Personal statement. University applications. Land law assignment.

They're killing me.

I can't breathe.

And here I am, caught in my own world of endless thoughts.

Monday, December 07, 2009

We are all fools, in this game called love.

Sometimes, this confuses me.

I can't even convince myself.

Cuz the voices are telling me the contrary.

亲爱的, 我们...还是以前的我们吗?
一直告诉自己, 不是这样的.

亲爱的, 我们...还能回到最初的我们吗?
我们的关系, 又能用什么来形容?
或许对你我来讲, 是朋友或情人都不重要.

亲爱的, 我们...到最后会是怎样?
我, 你, 他 - 这个不平衡的游戏

亲爱的, 我们...又何必对彼此交代些什么?
没有过问的权利, 也没有交代的责任,

请你原谅我的不坦诚, 也请你原谅我的任性.
时间又在嘲笑着我, 笑得多么讽刺.


才知道有些感受, 我和他谁都不曾说出口

我们, 依然是朋友.

Sunday, December 06, 2009


Sometimes, life gets a bit too messy.

Where lines are crossed at different angles.

And you won't know where to start tidying from.

So just let it be, messy as it is, just right now.

Cuz I don't wanna change anything,

Between you and I.

By the way, I'm down with a flu. Is that a good enough excuse for me to continue procrastinating my Land assignments? Pretty please?

Friday, December 04, 2009

I picked the ripest one, I still got the seed.

我知道故事不会太曲折, 我总会遇见一个什么人

I know the story won't be too difficult,
I'll meet someone somewhere
Who'd be by my side in this life without him.

他做了他觉得对的选择, 我只好祝福他真的对了

He's made the decision which he thinks is right
And all I can do is to hope that it's really right.
I can't love the one I want to love so badly,
Now what else can I do?

我爱的人, 不是我的爱人
他真幸福, 幸福得真残忍

The one I love, is not my lover
Every part of his heart belongs to another.
He's so happy, too happy that it's too cruel.
How can his love be so deep?

A very nice song which I've never discovered till recently. Have always wanted to blog about it but have been procrastinating (as I always do), till now when I finally decided to post it up. Enjoy the song. It's really a good song :-)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

You're So Fabulous.


Received: 07:05 pm, 02/12/2008.

Hmmm... so it had been 365 days since that night. Time flies.

If I Could Tell You.

亲爱的, 我们到底怎么了?

还不能算是恋人, 却比朋友多了些什么.
就是我们到最后什么都不是, 什么也不曾拥有.

还是习惯了有彼此的陪伴, 这我也已经不清楚了.

亲爱的, 为什么你总是喜欢等到太迟了才这样?
或许, 结局也会不一样吧.

也或许, 一切都只是我想太多.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Nobody wanna see us together.

- but it don't matter, cuz I've got you.

Today was one of the greatest day I've had with friends. It's been a long long while since baby has left :((

Left for class at 11.30am today and attended the lecture from 12-2pm. We (Delia, Pei Ling, Mia and I) immediately left for Neway @ss17, Subang Jaya to sing. Sang all the way till 7pm. This is the funniest part. They dropped me home and 5 minutes later (before I could even enter the lift), they called asking if I'd fancy a trip to the pasar malam tonight. Well, you guessed it. I said yes.

So they made a turn and picked me up again -_________-

Delia! We finally managed to have fun together already!!

The Vietnamese goat refused to take the picture with us so yeah.

(Mind the goat part, it's an inside joke teehee)

And I finally reached home nearing 11pm. Seriously, this is pretty exhausting. And I feel a sore throat coming ugh.

What assignments? :P

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

You know that I'll be your paparazzi.

Made a trip to Genting yesterday. Didn't manage to enter the outdoor theme park the previous time we went, so we made sure we managed to get in this time. It was pretty crowded (despite being a Monday) and then only I realised that the school kids are already on holidays (lucky them) :(

I personally like this pic very much :)

My camera decided to die on me when I was there (Okay, I forgot to charge it the night before). So yea, had to resort to using my phone camera the entire time there.

"Eh stopppp. Stand there. I wanna take picture."

"Wtf. How many do you wanna take? You camwhore."

Ah, I forgot. That was something he didn't know :P

Was reading Delia's post about Twilight in her blog a while ago, and I can't agree more with her dissatisfaction during the movie. No, the problem isn't the movie. And it ain't kids either. Just... those distractions during the movie.

It's bloody annoying. So bloody annoying.

Was watching the movie with A when the idiot (yes, a complete idiot who's most probably high on something) next to him started being so annoying. He just had to gasp randomly and go "Oh my goddddd" every time something happens. Besides, he makes comments during the show. Seriously, nobody really cares about what you think - but it's bloody annoying.

The worst part was the ending scene, where Edward asked, "Bella, would you marry me?" And it ends after Bella gasps. Thing is, that bloody idiot just had to make a very (and I mean, very) dramatic gasp immediately after Edward said that, which means before Bella gasps. Like wtf?

I really felt like annoying the shit out of him, but I realised he was beyond annoying. Oh well.

I guess Twilight's the movie where there are so many different distractions. Sigh.

Oh oh! And I got a very unexpected text today.

Guess who's back!

And the reply?

My beloved donkey!

Yes, she just arrived <3

Monday, November 30, 2009

When all that surround you are secrets and lies.

Had a good good day today. So mind the poser pic :P

Am too tired to even blog or Facebook. Gonna go sleep right now.

Nitey nights :-)

On an unrelated note, I really need to catch up on my show already. It's almost finishing (33 episodes) and I'm still stuck at 27. Ugh.

Hopefully... just hopefully, I might blog about today :-)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

If you just realised what I just realised.

I have always wondered to myself, there's got to be something wrong.
Now I know.
Seems like it was a name she gave.
I knew it. It's impossible that you're without a flaw.
Your initials told me so, Mr. J.



她可怜, 她伤心... 我也只能说, Honestly, I don't give a flying fuck.
才发现原来我的心, 还记得什么是心痛.
其实心里, 却在意得快要疯了.

是如此的 - 贱格的贱.

Friday, November 27, 2009

You know what we say, party everyday.

Or so I thought.

Shit. Land Law assignments. Goddamnit.

See, I've been slacking on my posts recently already and I've been so lazy to even think of something to blog about. So how can I come up with something to type into the empty document in front of me? All I see is the continuous blinking of the line thingy, laughing at my futile attempts to compose something out of nothingness. I'd be so amazed at myself if I can ever do it.

Maybe it's just my mind refusing to think. Refusing to comprehend a single shit of the never ending paragraphs. Or maybe it's just my hands refusing to lay themselves, caressing the smooth pages of my textbooks (Ya, I tried to make it sound more interesting). Someone take the Lost Symbol away from my hands and change it to Land textbooks, then maybe I'll consider.

I need an adrenaline rush. You know, the stuffs which might help in me creating some mess called bullshit, and hopefully I'll manage to pull my way through trying to convince my lecturer about my views on land registration. Honestly, I think two words are more than enough as opposed to the word limit allowed, rather than causing us the trouble to try to paraphrase passages/judgments, ripping that Thesaurus in our inner mind and all that beating around the bush crap. No comment. Short and simple, baby.

Screw it. I'm clicking the red x button. And rely on the phrase I've been telling myself: I'll try again tomorrow.

Yeah, wait till tomorrow is the 17th. And I'll watch how I die.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

You make me wanna hold you till the morning light.

Managed to catch Twilight: New Moon today. Thank youuuu for being so nice to line up early morning :D

A went to line up for the tix early morning at around 9 something and we only managed to get front row seats. Like, 4th row from the front? Wtf.

The crazy line when we got there in the afternoon.

Twilight...sure rings a bell somewhere in my head. I still remember watching it last year, happily. It was somewhere during this time of the year too, 29th if I'm not mistaken... I'm not really sure. But yeah. Things pass too quickly sometimes. Too quick for the mind to even remember details.



残忍, 无情, 这我都懂. 我比谁都更懂

我真的会放手, 宁愿选择放弃.

请你给我一点时间, 把碎片找回来.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baby, there's no other superstar.

Today, I looked back - I realised what a fool I was. And realised how much things have changed in the past 365 days. I was holding onto something which meant so much to me. Yet, it'd mean nothing to another.

Cuz if it did, he wouldn't have been so heartless.

I finally reminded myself of the girl I was a year ago.
I don't think I know her anymore... and I think I miss her.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I will be, all that you want.

you know I would.



Monday, November 23, 2009


I know that that phrase had been quoted a gazillion times in this blog of mine. So I decided to make it a title of my post today.

This phrase had been bothering me since... it was too long ago that I couldn't really remember when anymore. Perhaps, a good 7 months ago? Approximately. Or rather I should be asking myself this instead, "A good 7 months had passed, so why still ask?" As I've mentioned before, this phrase was never meant for myself. Possibly, it was meant for somebody else. Who knows. Maybe.

Not like I can ever figure out why. Not like there even is any answer to that. And even if it does, I'll never be able to find out anyway.

It'll be a lie if I say it doesn't matter anymore. But, what can I do... and who am I to be able to do anything. I don't know when it started, but some time ago, it started to feel as if everything I had - for that short duration of time - was so subtle... so close to being imaginary. Or rather, it felt more like a dream. But how can a dream leave so many scars behind... I really don't know.

I'm happy the way I am now, I really am. There's nothing more I could ask for. I block these thoughts out of my mind, I'm trying very hard already and I'm doing just fine right now. But, how real could this be? Or is it merely me being in a frail attempt to convince myself that some people are no longer there, where it matters the most?

Cuz it still hurts even if it heals, like mad.

遗憾, 又能算什么?

对你我来说, 回忆或许是最恐怖的敌人

回忆的枷锁, 又怎能卸下?
心痛, 我也大概忘了怎样去感受.
或许, 连心痛的资格也没了吧?

也或许, 就因为是这样的夜才会让我想起你吧.

不是你的他, 我又能给多少?


Maybe it's time I open this gift which I happened to fumble upon. A gift so rare I can never find another quite the same.

I don't care what they say, I'm in love with you.

So it was Alton's birthday on Saturday night. My first time to Rootz, this newly opened club at the highest floor in Lot 10. It was really packed, but fortunately we had the private room all to ourselves. Quite a decent place I guess.

Alton was pissed drunk that night (when is he not), and I doubt he remembers how he got home. Haha, bloody hilarious video of him posted on Facebook. Poor dude.

Haha Ralph's flaming which got him puking hahaha!

Napet. Who sleeps in the club :/


Ah, hot hunks in the girls toilet.

Dave was lining up halfway till they decided to change venue cuz the queue was too long :((

Jeremie :)

Julz cool haircut. Not exactly a haircut but yea...

Julz calls this ecstasy pose haha wtf.

Alcoholic in action!

The girlsssss, just a small bit of them haha.

The rest of the pictures will be uploaded on Facebook, as usual. So yea, that wrapped up the night. Guess I won't be partying anymore for some time (at least not as often as I did), and hopefully, it'll last :)

你的温柔如此靠近, 带走我的心跳.