Sunday, June 22, 2008

pictures!! at least a few of it~

sorry, still cant get the cable thingy to send the pics to the comp
but managed to steal a few more

serene, naf, christy, florence, me

wei tat, yang sik, jin hong

me, jin hong, flo, serene

so that's all i managed to get so far
don worry, lots from the camera!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

a bit of some~

okay, here's a bit of pics for u guys.

basically, they're all stolen pictures.

haven sent the pics from my camera to the comp yet

so, please just bear with these first


omg, i just realised something

jia xin's blog damn faggot.

i cant steal pictures from there!!!

nvm then, i'll steal from flo.

just to erm.....intro intro a bit bout prom hahaha

flo and jin hong
jin hong: eh, MUST see my whole body wan.
our leng lui!!
she's korean.
serene and swee ying.
i like serene's dress
omg that's all i managed to find
i'm so sorry!!
will be back with more pics.
.....heart, kamen

Sunday, June 15, 2008


everyone was so gg-fied (quote chingmun)
nah, it was bye bye to economics

btw, uploading pics on prom soon
somebody was bloody hot lalalala
try guessing who

jia xin, keep quiet hahaha

neways, i've just realised that

what you can't get is forever the best.

hmmm... understand?
erm..let's put it this way.
things/ppl that you can never get, is always the best.

don need la i think all of you know edi.
for those really blur ones
hint: same primary school with lihong before!

pictures coming soon!
mind you, lots of gay stuff happened in prom.

.....heart, kamen

Sunday, June 08, 2008


i hate you.
i really do.

in fact, im so glad that it's over for us.
it's been almost a year i guess.
i tried to love you, but just to realise i couldn't.
i'm so sorry. i just can't.

i remember the first day we met in college...
then as we started to get closer, i got to know more about you.
you contributed nothing but sadness to my life.
and perhaps, pressure.

i hate the fact that i have to spend some time on you whenever i'm obliged to.
i tried my best to understand you.
how complicated you were...
i really tried my best, but to no avail.

now, it's finally over for us.
it's really time to say goodbye - forever.
yes, i mean forever.

your presence for a year have totally ruined my life since college.
i'm so glad its time to put a stop to things.
you might be sad, but sorry, i 'm in glee.

thanks for the torture and grief you brought to me.
i really loath you.
so, i shall hereby declare


.....heart, kamen