Sunday, November 28, 2010

I just wanna go home.

- to you, love.

Hands up if you agree to the below!

C'mon... I know you secretly do it too. Oops, did I just say "too"? Thank God for the privacy in Facebook where nobody knows that you've viewed their profile. Much said. Heh.

Oh and by the way, here's one of my current favourites. Have been searching for this song for some time already. I know I'm slow :(

"Home" by Michael Bublé

Surely hope you enjoy the song too :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm everything I am because you loved me.

All of a sudden, on one fine day some time ago, everything went upside down.


I seem to be breaking your heart and making you upset most of the time recently. Then I get upset with myself for being such a black sheep but can't seem to do anything to make it right. I just want you to be happy.

Then I seem to be so paranoid about things I almost drive myself crazy. Till it's getting hard to breathe cuz I'm holding you too tightly. And I'll feel so sorry but it's not fixing anything. I'm starting to dislike myself too for doing this.

Then even my computer decides to pull off a fail moment where everything fails me. My messenger suddenly stops working few days ago (I can't seem to be able to sign in after I tried to update it to the latest version). My Windows Update is refusing to update (and therefore, I will never be able to move on with fixing my Messenger). The show I've been following day and night suddenly goes missing in my PPS (and it's the final episodes this week). Firefox decides to crash just about now. What's next?

Could someone at least tell me why?

Or at the very least, cheer you up for a bit. I'm sorry for all the things I might've said that hurt your feelings. I never in my life meant it. I wished I could wash it all off and draw a smile on your face. I wished it could've been easier.

I'm such a mess, all over again. And there's no point trying to tell anyone about it because they'll never understand how it feels and probably think I'm such a weakling.

But the one thing that I really detest: upsetting you. It tears me up. You have no idea how the guilt eats me from the inside.


Thursday, November 25, 2010


I need to learn how to pull the strings,
All over again.

I need a distraction of some sort.

这种滋味, 你永远不懂.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm on the edge just trying to survive.



Times change.
Probably so.
You have no idea how much I fucking hate that line.


Before too much is enough,
You look up to find your love gone.
We were so good together,
How come we could not weather this storm
And just do better?

Baby I'm missing you,
Don't allow love to lose.
We gotta ride it through.

Remember we used to touch the sky.

And I think we still do, regardless.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Open my eyes, it was only just a dream.

Everyone has skeletons in their closet, don't even try denying it. Being human, of course I myself do. Maybe two, or a few. I've never bothered counting.

And today I feel like letting one out. Just for the fun of it. Well, not exactly fun but it's just another excuse for me to be as bitter and sour as I want.

For years, (let's see, about 7 years ago?) I really really hate being around lovey couples. Haha I'm such a bitch, I know. I always try my very very best to avoid them AT ALL COSTS. (I may or may not have been one of those cheesy lovey couples, I don't know, but I'm pretty sure I haven't been and that isn't in my concern).

And even if they're not with you, they'll annoyingly spam your news feed on Facebook. It is so annoying. Imagine logging into Facebook and you see some mushy I can't live without you shit. All the fucking time. Once or twice would be completely fine, but every once in two bloody days?

That's not it.

One or the other will comment some lovey nonsense and the other will comment back and the cycle continues till it becomes a bloody thread. Hello, please Google the world "phone" or "texting".

Okay fine, no lovey posts, no lovey comments, nothing. THEN THEY DECIDE TO POST MULTIPLE LOVEY PICTURES OF THEMSELVES OUT OF NOWHERE FOR NO REASON and start spamming all over again.

Holy shit.

Yes, this is very bitchy of me. And it is pretty unreasonable. But whatever, I have my own bitter reasons to hate being around such people. It's one of the skeletons in my closet so I have every right to be as unreasonable as I want to be. I'm sorry.

Just please be boring old couples where every remaining spark in the relationship is almost, or already dead and the world will be a happier place. Kthxbai,

So, is your hidden skeleton as bitchy as mine, or worse? What's yours? :D

I would've stayed if you said.

People say that we never learn to appreciate things till we lose it one day.

Then what if...
What if one day, I no longer annoy you with stupid questions which you hate answering?
What if one day, I no longer have those little arguments with you about seeing one another more?
What if one day, I no longer ask for anything from you and let you be?

Would you, tell me one day that you finally missed me for the first time?

Or would you laugh about it and tell me, "Good riddance."

It's tiring to constantly be reaching out, when you're not even going to catch me back.


Friday, November 19, 2010

If you ever leave baby, you would take away everything good in my life.

So I was having a char fight via text with the Smelly a while ago. As in, we were arguing about something (while insulting each other in a far from friendly way). Well, I was on my way to winning (for once) and he was well, as how Marshall from HIMYM would like to put it: lawyer-ed.

That Smelly then stopped replying and a while later, I received a text which read like this:

Maxis notification:

Please be informed that our service provider will no longer be allowed to exchange information between the phone number 012-***3513 and 012-***5080 (sms, mms and calls) as you are under the Blackberry Bold 9700 blocklist. For more information, please call our Maxis hotline number - 123.

So I called him immediately and started sounding.


And the reply I got from the other side of the phone was:

Did you get the text from my number or Maxis? HAHAHAHAHA.
Bloody stupid. So much for being a lawyer right?? HAHAHAHAHA"


Bloody vengeful bitch of a boyfriend I've got hahaha. FML.

You ought to know by now how much I love you.

I have a confession to make. I have been ultimately lazy to update my blog, I don't know why. As usual, nothing much have been going on lately, except for some catching up on some movies and my birthday dinner!

Well, it was just a simple dinner among some friends and some drinks after that. On the 15th, we had dinner at d'italiene Kitchen at Sunway Giza. That place was awesome! Well, I'm biased. Because they had cheese. A whole load of cheese in each of their dishes. And I'm pretty sure that everyone who knows me well enough would know that I'm one hell of a cheese lover.

That day was seriously a cheese overload day, literally. I have been so stuffed with cheese the entire day from day to night. Smelly and I decided to have something light for lunch so we had Subway for lunch. Well, me being me, my Subway had extra cheese. After lunch, I insisted to make a move to Theobroma Chocolate Lounge for their vanilla sundae.

A little bit too milky, but it was all good :)

What I didn't know was that Smelly ordered a slice of blueberry cheese. I swear, I almost puked trying to finish that one slice of cake with him. We were that full.

So alright, it was dinner time then... and I ordered this! :D

Baked Three Cheese

Wahahahaha. Three types of cheese baked with penne. It was orgasmic I tell you. Smelly ordered some chicken platter thing (which had cheese of course), King ordered another cheesy beef steak thingy... well, everyone's dish had cheese. End of story.

Okay, before I start spamming this post with pictures, here's a short note. Mind the bad quality of the pictures. It'll appear blurrish and grainy because these were all taken by the phone camera (because my camera screen is still very much dead) and some were even taken with the front camera, which kinda worsens the quality. So yeah.

The one and only picture which the Smelly actually gave a normal face.

Don't ask. He loves to make stupid faces the minute pictures are shot just for the sake of annoying me and spoiling the picture. Ass.

The King & his Minion.

Sigh, apparently I'm his minion .___________. And yeah, we seem like we're having the same expression in this picture wtf haha.

The Cousin and Anthony :D

Eric Chan! My partner in being lifeless and watching almost every single show on earth.

He was early this time and actually turned up! We're so proud of him. And here's a gay convo we had that night:

Me: "Why your face so chau tut when we take pictures? Forever one kind."

Eric: "It's my good angle."

Wtf hahaha.

Imran looking freakishly happy.

Then there was my cake! It was a surprise actually, but well, I guess the waitress kinda spoiled it haha.

The very very awesome cheese cake. Like omfg awesome.

Yes, it's cheese again. Then we went on to the Beer Factory for some drinks after dinner cuz it was still early. Being the norm, we played Circle of Death again heheh.

Pei Ling!! This is for youuuu!!!

*puts thumb on forehead*

Psst! Imran sucks at this game. It's very fun to play with him hahaha.

Meet my buddy Seannn!!! :3

Mmm and that's about it. An enjoyable night. A big fat thanks to all those who made it awesome that night :)

Oh, and did I mention that I watched Harry Potter 7 already?? Wahahaha sorry peeps, I admit I'm a huge HP freak. Dragged Smelly to buy tickets for the midnight show on the 17th because I felt kiasu. Because I wanted to watch it before the world watches it (Well, technically not the world but yeah, you get what I mean).

A very random shot

Because I wanted to take a picture to commemorate the moment before watching the movie (wtf yes, I know). And that is Smelly's very annoyed face because he was trying to recall something but failed because I'm constantly annoying him with the camera.

So after watching the show, we were still talking about Harry Potter. (Yeah, I remember mentioning that I'm a HP freak) And Smelly's quite a closet HP freak. So we were talking about some trivia this was how the conversation went.

"There's this question, it's damn cb. Cuz it's almost impossible to answer."

"Oh please. I definitely know the answer. Unlike you."

"What is Professor Trelawney's mother's name?"

"So easy. Of course I know."


"Mrs. Trelawney, duh."

Haha I swear, that moment he kicked me in the ass, literally hahaha.

As for those who are wondering what her mother's name was, it is Pauline Trelawney. Yes, I secretly went home and Google-d it and then pretending I finally recalled the answer and told Smelly. He didn't buy it, obviously.

Yeap. That was how that one day of the year went about. And yeah, I am finally legal :D

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Almost like the puzzle piece I've been trying to find.

i wished i had you earlier,
and not have missed all those years.
through the years that you've spent alone.
throuh the years that we've been battle-scarred and wounded.

cuz we are more awesome together than we are apart.
cuz nobody else could do it better than you and i.

so let's stick together, and never ever drift apart.

If I had you,
That would be the only thing I'd ever need.
If I had you,
Life would be a party it'd be ecstasy.

And yes I do have you, love :)

Sorry for the cheesiness. But it's that one day in the year when I could do anything I want without anyone saying no, so yeah. Cheers.

Monday, November 15, 2010

_________, 我对自己说.

那么, 让我诚实一点.

蜡烛点了, 寂寞亮了.

A song that never, ever fails to get me at this time of the year.




Saturday, November 13, 2010

All my life, I'll be with you forever to get you through the day.


Yeah, I decided to talk about this. I was reading some random articles on Facebook and came across this but it was in Chinese though. So I guess I should share it here. Especially to ALL THE GUYS OUT THERE.

A lot of guys never understood how terrible it is to go through what we'd refer to "that time of the month" and most would probably think that us girls are just whining and making a big deal out of things. Hell, no. Trust me, sometimes the pain is so unbearable we'd give anything for the pain to go away.

The pain is terrible, I swear. Wait, there isn't even a proper word to correctly describe the type of pain which comes with the cycle. You see, it's a love hate thing seriously. We dread the menstrual cycle every time it's nearing (because it is very troublesome and painful and bla bla bla). But on the other hand, you're bloody screwed if it doesn't come. So yeah.

Pain aside, it's also very annoying because it causes bloating (for some people) and your previously flat tummy would look fat by this time. Okay, I can't help but talk about the pain. It gives you goosebumps and you'll feel paralysed. Well, not literally but you'll feel like it. You will just want to lie curled up on the bed/sofa/couch the whole day and not move. (It is annoying when you have to even worry that it fucking leaks because you are lying down and the pad is at a slightly wrong position).

You just can't rest in peace (bad pun).

You see guys, imagine having something stuck in between your underwear for 5~7 days. You wouldn't like it, would you? And worst still, you have to change it every few hours just in case a Japan flag starts forming on your pants (if you get what I mean).

The annoyance isn't limited to just that one week. Sometimes, we might get paranoid because there's this weird feeling that the "aunty" decides to pay an earlier visit. So, some might put on a pad for 4~5 days for nothing. When we finally decide "Screw it, she won't visit earlier," there she is visiting you the minute you're NOT wearing a pad - worst still, when you're out from home.


Then another situation comes along. When we think it's about time to change into a new one, we see that it's just 1/3 full. So we'll end up sitting by the toilet bowl wondering whether to still change into a new one or what.

Then when it is nearing the end, the amount would definitely get less. When we think it's almost finished or finished, we stop using the pad. THEN IT IS THAT ONE DAY WHEN IT DECIDES TO OPEN TAP AGAIN. Then it ends up staining the pants or bed (seriousness level depends on tap level).

I'm pretty sure some of you guys out there have had wet dreams (don't pretend you didn't). It gets disgusting right?? But guess what? You're dealing with almost transparent stuffs. We deal with bloody red stuffs. We find it very disgusting too you know. And we definitely don't like dealing with these stuffs too.

Sigh. Guys will never understand. So please, next time you see a girl having her time of the month, the least you can do is to stfu and let her be. And not say things like "how bad can it be?" and nonsense like that.

And to all boyfriends out there, please be considerate and let your girlfriend be bitchy if she wants to. We call it the PMS mode (often used as an excuse though). But yeah, don't be those to say it's disgusting and all. It'll only make her feel worst.

No, there's no rage in this post. Just thought the article pretty much made sense and think that all guys should actually know this.

And in case you're wondering, no, Smelly isn't the type to ask me how bad could it be. He'd just let me be (although occasionally calling me a bitch), all curled up and taking up all the space and blanket in his bed.



Friday, November 12, 2010

And believe me when I say she got that whole place glowing.

Mmm, I need to keep this space alive.

But how?

Yeah, by randomly posting vain pictures I figured.

I know it's already almost halfway through the month but yeah, my favourite month of the year is finally here - for obvious reasons. Heheh. Okay fine, I'll think of a reason which could convince other people to like this month too. Erm, it's a month before Christmas? Wtf. Bad try. Oh well, is it me or does it feel like it's passing too quickly?

I'm sorry, I guess I'm just too lazy to think of something to blog about today. Till then.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Poppin' bottles in the ice, like a blizzard.

Here's a rather funny comic strip I'd like to share today. It is quite true actually, to a certain extent and it did make me laugh to myself for a while.

Quite a brilliant illustration. I pity the Blackberry users. Seen as a dinosaur by Android users hahaha wtf. (Smelly, now I know how you see yourself and how the rest of the world sees you, old man/dinosaur) :P

And one thing is bugging me. Why is the iPhone user the ONLY female illustration here among the 3 types of smartphones? Stereotyping much? Oh well.

Are you a smartphone user too? If so, are you the Witch, Albert Einstein (you wish!) or the Dinosaur? :)

Original link here.

Saturday, November 06, 2010












Goodbye my friend, 说好不说再见.
So long my friend, 记得你是我最棒的体验.





Thank god the week is done, I feel like a zombie gone back to life.

Finally some good news to me after some time. I'm officially quitting this mundane thing I've been doing for the past week. I swear it's capable of driving a sane mind crazy just within a week.

There is completely nothing good or beneficial it. Therefore I am very happy I finally "got rid" of it after much dilemma. The down side of it is... sigh, let's not talk about the down side first. I'm too happy for that. Let's just say, I'm a free soul all over again. And it felt like an eternity in there. Ugh.

Anyways, catching up one my whole week. Finally managed to catch a movie after god knows how long. It was pretty good I'd say. The movie I watched was Megamind. It was a pretty funny show and I must say, cartoons (they like to call it animation nowadays) at this time is definitely better than those I've been watching back when I was a kid.

Don't get me wrong. When I said better, I meant technology-wise. The graphics are much better and the plot is more twisted compared to those straight forward ones we've watched where the cat runs for the mouse and the mouse comes up with genius ways to stop the cat. But heck, I think only those screening in the cinemas are worth watching. At least there's some humour in it. Sometimes, I even wonder whether those kids understand the plot of the animations/cartoons in the cinema. Those on tv? Haha please.

I'd still very much prefer Tom & Jerry or Powerpuff Girls over Ben 10 anytime.

Oh yeah, I derailed. My week. Just yesterday, I went over to Sunway Giza for lunch with my mom and aunty cuz we wanted to try the 12-inch burger at Cravings. I thought it wouldn't be enough for us initially (cuz I was dead hungry) and wanted to order more food, but as we started digging into our food, we were stuffed. It was a huge portion. Like, it could make the 3 of us crazy full after finishing it and our drink. Something worth trying :)

Don't ask me how many layers there were. I didn't bother counting.

A closer view of the stack.

They had your usual burger layers (such as cheese, lettuce, cucumber and tomato), egg, hashbrowns and a selection of beef/chicken patties or fish fillet. Heh, those who haven't tried it, do give it a try one day :)

And a very random chau tut picture that never fails to make me laugh everytime I look at it.

Taken from phone :)

Okay, the pretty face part was just a joke :(

But this was taken in the gym bitches! Yes, I said gym. G-Y-M. I actually went. Take that. Heh.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I finally found you my missing puzzle piece.

cuz you'll always be my baby.

(Though I secretly think that I am more awesome than you).

Don't this picture kinda remind you (and those who actually know about the infamous Hussein) of Hussein when he was young? Like seriously? Haha.

Oh and guess what? It's November already. Teehee! *nudge nudge*