Friday, December 31, 2010

To a great year.

How can I miss the last post of the year? So here I am, figuring out what to blog about.

It's New Year's Eve tonight people, so what are all your plans? Many people have asked us (the Smelly and I) to join them for their celebrations tonight and well, we kinda rejected all. Reason being, we're sick of the traffic all around the country tonight. Then they'd ask what would we do then, assuming that we have made mindblasting plans.

Well, we said we only plan to rot at home and welcome the new year. Haha, old people we are. Seriously, after being hyper about the countdown few years back, being pushed around like sardines in a can, stuck in the jam for countless hours, we decided to stay at home and watch the fireworks from the balcony haha.

One year has passed and what have been done through these 365 days? To be honest, I've lost and gained a few things. First being that most of my friends have flew overseas. It felt very weird in the beginning without all of their presence, really. I guess, I can only say time took a toll and made things better - and thank God for the invention of technology. And well, I guess there are also friends whom I've completely lost.

As for things I gained, I guess I've gained knowledge. Knowledge about things or people around me. Because sometimes things/people aren't exactly the way you thought they were and the truth could sometimes be ugly. Really ugly.

It's too much to be summarised into one single post and well, some things should be better kept at heart and to those who knows :)

Moving on to the next cliche - Resolutions.

Heck, I've always hated having to think of resolutions to make. Cuz knowing myself, I don't think I keep to them. So this year, Smelly said this "Think of resolutions for next year and then think of how to break them." Haha so much for resolutions huh?

But for custom's sake, I guess I'll make myself think of a few.

  • Make the UK trip come true on February.
    (In instances if this fails, please refer to the next bullet)

  • Make Japan trip come true on April/May.
    (I secretly hope this one comes true instead... but then again I need to see my beloveds)

  • Mmm... I guess this would be almost every girl's annual resolution - lose weight.

  • Have more patience. In every aspect possible.

  • Be more awesome than I already am.
    (Hahaha just kidding).

  • See my UK/Australia friends!!

  • Have another 365 with the Smelly. (Hopefully!)

  • Get new camera (though I highly doubt it, judging from the tragical demise of my previous one)

Well, that's it for now I guess. I'll add on if I manage to think of more. So, mind sharing your resolutions too? :)

And let's hope everyone has a great beginning to year 2011! 良いお年を~!Cheers.

Monday, December 27, 2010

You set it again, my heart's in motion.

Today, is one of the loveliest day I've ever had in so long.

We'll have more of days like this.

Thank you love.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

In a world full of wrong, you're the only thing that's right.

Mmm so Christmas is here again. How many presents have you collected or given already? :)

Firstly, before anything else, メリー・クリスマス (Meri Kurisumasu)!


And so, it was Christmas Eve at Smelly's. Had awesome dinner with turkey! A huge delicious turkey and a whole variety of awesome food muahaha.

Hope your Christmas Eve was as enjoyable as mine - cuz mine definitely was! With awesome dinner (turkey!), just sitting down chit chatting with friends over some beer, oh and there was also this awesome fruit punch with vodka! Watching how a kid innocently stole Smelly's BB and ran away, unwrapping presents and watching some beauty pageant in the middle of the night with a whole bunch of them boys is pretty funny. Watching how they judge those contestants by their boobs wtf haha. Boys will always be boys I guess. Pfft.

So that was my Christmas Eve. Simple, cozy and enjoyable. How was yours? :)

...and ilyaykt ♥ ♥


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I only said it cuz I mean it and I only mean it cuz it's true.

I'm sorry for the great delay in updating this space. Honestly speaking, I haven't been touching much of my laptop lately actually. Have been greatly dependent on my phone for Facebook and Twitter updates. Well, not like many of my readers are still left anyway heheh.

And actually, I've been greatly distracted by Conan. Yes, once again I've been distracted by this again. Have finished reading their collection of manga (though it is still ongoing), and now I've been watching their annual movies in the past few days. It's so awesome that one movie is almost 2 hours long!

Well, moving on to less lifeless stuffs... I've been busy doing some shopping lately since Christmas is just around the corner! Sigh, a whole year passed by so fast. Way too fast actually.

Here, one of those random pictures I post occasionally. I'm sure a lot of female readers would be nodding their heads along with me when they see this :)

Why oh why do boys like to lie? Statistics proved that 1 out of 3 guys cheat on their partners. Never trust a guy after all, hmm? They're probably born liars. Well, not to say that girls are completely honest and loyal too but... sigh. MEN.

This is completely random but, I think I'm starting to like Flynn Rider a lot. You know, the guy from the movie Rapunzel.

Yeah, this guy with the weird smoulder face. (Haha you'll only get the joke if you watch the movie). And I have completely no idea why. Probably cuz I fell in love with his voice in this song :)

Terrified by Katharine McPhee ft. Zachary Levi

A bit late but yeah. And yes I know the "real person" is actually Zachary Levi but somehow, I'd prefer him as Flynn Rider in the movie.

You, by the light is the greatest find
In a world full of wrong, you're the thing that's right.
Finally made it through the lonely,
To the other side.

You set it again, my heart's in motion.
Every word feels like a shooting star.
I'm at the edge of my emotions,
Watching the shadows burning in the dark.

And I'm in love.

With you, mon cheri.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

do you know that horrible feeling of missing someone out of nowhere so terribly but there's nothing you can do and you don't even bother telling them because you know that seeing them is totally pointless because you know that they will never feel the same and think that you are just being stupid?

yeah, that.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time can't erase a feeling this strong.

525, 600 minutes, 365 days.

It's been that many days since that idiot conversation we had that night.

It's been a year filled with happiness, random fights which I'll always lose (physically or what, I still lose. And no, we don't punch each others' face if you're wondering), lame jokes only we'd understand, the horrible singings in the car, those occasional tears, and most importantly, of love.

I'm sorry love, for the many times I've upset you. And I'm thankful love, that you've always been there, forgiving the wrongs and supporting me. And as you said, through thick and thick (haha wtf).

We fight, we make up, we stay strong - and that's just how we are.

So on this day, happy anniversary love. Let's hope you're stuck with me for many more 365 days :)

And never, ever let me go - Cuz you'll always be my baby.

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend.

And it's true that,
Two is better than one.

Friday, December 10, 2010

anticipating disappointment.

- in a not so looking forward kinda way.

活得开心心不记恨, 为今天欢笑唱首歌.

I don't get it.

Why do people give up on their lives so easily? Well, technically saying it's your own prerogative because it is the life you're living, but heck, had you ever thought of your family and most importantly, your parents??

Just read on Facebook and related articles that this guy had committed suicide last night because he broke up with his ex-girlfriend. Seriously, is there such a need to do that? And he was just 22. That is so young. (Though I always refer myself as old but that's a whole different story). When I read it, I thought it was probably a hoax. Being the kepochi that I am, I decided to read more and found on the news that he was really literally dead.

Reason being the girl that he dated for 4 months left him. Like what the fuck? Please, it's just 4 months. Not 4 years. 4 years isn't even a close enough excuse, let alone 4 months. Don't these people think??

It's so pissing off to see people do stupid things like this, especially for stupid reasons like this. Do they even know how badly they'll hurt their parents' hearts?? It is such an irresponsible act. By leaving behind everything due to own's selfishness.

People pity him and all saying he's so strong to make such a decision. Fucking bullshit. Such a coward who can't even handle emotions properly. Who hasn't been through shitty break ups? Who hasn't felt like their heart has died so horribly inside? It's just a matter on how you think and how you handle things.

I personally think it's such a stupid act. There's so many people out there who are struggling just to live for one more day and here he is, taking away his own life. For a girl who doesn't even appreciate his love and who he was. 10 years down the road, she's probably dating another guy and what about you? What about your family? Ugh. I feel no pity for people like these. They merely brought it upon themselves.

Instead, I feel sad for his friends and family. They've lost a friend, and maybe a great one (assuming that he's a nice friend), his parents have lost a son, his siblings having lost a brother - for eternity.

And please, people out there, appreciate your lives. It took a lot of love and effort to bring you up from nothing but a sperm to a grown up. Don't be stupid.

May you rest in peace.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

There's something bout love that breaks your heart.

Happens all the time for me, without fail.

I am so restless nowadays. Somebody make me productive please.

Oh shit, that didn't come out wrong, did it?

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Let's go all the way tonight no regrets, just love.

A short conversation which I heard in the lift this evening. It was between a 10 year old (approx) girl and her father.

Dad: Why would you need a phone when you're always with Ma?

Girl: Because sometimes I go out and play.

Dad: Oh god. You go out to play that's why you need a phone?

Girl: Yes, because we play hide and seek.

Dad: .......

Haha it's pretty funny how innocent kids could be actually. A simple pointless conversation like this put a smile on my face just like that :)

Have a nice day/night peeps :)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

How come we could not weather this storm and just do better?


Felt like you're having a relationship on your own,
It's like playing a chess game when you're the only player.
I haven't even been able to pen down all my feelings for you,
Yet you've left me with a smile.


The feeling isn't right anymore and I was the last to realise it.
You've cried for me countless times,
And some of the care that I couldn't even give,
Expecting you to understand and take in everything.
It was my fault that I didn't realise
You just needed to have me by your side.

Sensitive or what, this song hits me badly.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Before too much is enough, you look up to find your love gone.

Holy moly. It's been that long since I've last updated my blog *sheepish face*

Nothing much have been happening recently. Well, except for the fact that the Melbies are back! As in, those from Melbourne. Heheh. And being the alcoholics that they are, this was what happened.

Yeap. Drinking at Shen's place.

Man, they play crazy pointless, but fun drinking games. Apparently Melbourne style wtf. But it was a very enjoyable night. Caught up with many who I haven't spoken to in ages and well, feels like Cempaka all over again.

And see that green bottle over there? My new favourite - Midori! Heheh. They were so mean they purposely finished it so I had to resort to only whiskey :(

And the next has really got to be this:


M & M's chocolate ice cream. Yeah big deal but... Heheh. The Smelly and I finished the whole pint in less than half an hour despite knowing that it's very fattening. Greed is badddddd :(

But it was so awesomeeeeee :3

Well I'm biased. I just love ice cream heheh.

Very beautiful decorations caught at Mid Valley :)

This year their theme was teddy bear, or I thought so because the whole place was filled with Christmas trees (duh) and gigantic teddy bears lying around. So I suppose so.

A year passed by so soon! Hmmm another Christmas has passed... Sometimes, time passes by faster than we thought it would. And things, people and memories tend to become just another page of history sooner than we expected them to. Funny huh, when once upon a time you thought you'd never get over it :)

And last but not least, a funny picture to share as always. But this time, I'm sorry to say that only those who watches the HK drama No Regrets would get the joke :(

It's pretty similar! Especially the first and second ones hahaha.

Let's hope I remember to update more often. Till then :)