Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This is very irritating. It's making me so irritated and annoyed till the extent that I've decided to lock my blog and only allow my friends to read my blog.


Apparently, my dad has been very updated with whatever his daughter has been doing. I think some people are just so worried about me and they-care-so-much that they have to tell my dad everysingle detail about my life. Thanks, but no thank you. For your information, my dad knows perfectly well about me and whatever that is going around me. So, I don't need anyone to kepo things to him anymore.

However, this act is a very despicable act which annoys the shit out of people. You want to read, you're welcome. But must open mouth big big tell around wan meh?

It's not the first time you know. The first time you did it, I kept quiet. I thought you wouldn't do it anymore. Mana tau, you're really that kepo. Really. Its' enough lor. I'm locking it to avoid you doing it again anymore.

Maybe you know who you are, or maybe you don't. It doesn't matter, really. Ignorance is bliss. I'd rather you not know and just take it that I'm locking this blog because some other people did what you did. You'd be happier that way. :)

Appreciate this. This is going to be the last post you're gonna see in my blog before i lock it. I'm posting this specially for you too, dear.


Friday, October 24, 2008

a song for my sad friends.

people around me has been sad recently.
one has been crying her eyeballs out and one has became a drinking mama addicted to Desperate Housewives.

a song for the sad ones. cheers.





Maybe if I don't show up again, our love would be worth remembering
You wouldn't want to see me, seeing also wouldn't change
Your hurtful face when you turned away.

Maybe if I let go firmly, you'll be able to face the memories
When you remember my face, will it be bitter or sweet?
Hope it's not the salty taste of tears.

I can only leave you far, far away
But yet, it still hurts you more
I do not deserve your beauty, my love only made you devastated
But the further away I am, the closer you are in my eyes
I've lost your happy face that once loved me.

The promises that I owed you, I can no longer fulfill
Our past is still clinging onto me
Yet all I can do now is to

leave you far, far away
But yet, it still hurt you more
I do not deserve your beauty, my love only made you devastated
But the further away I am, the closer you are in my eyes
I've lost your happy face that once loved me

smile peeps :)


- Easy it is to hurt someone who loves us,
Difficult it is to heal the wound….. –

- Easy is to promise something to someone,
Difficult it is to fulfill that promise. –

- Easy it is to say we love,
Difficult it is to show it every day. –
- Easy is to weep for a lost love,
Difficult is to take care of it so not to lose it. –

- Easy is to admire a full moon,
Difficult is to see the other side. –

- Easy is to make mistakes,
Difficult is to learn from them. –

- Easy is to receive,
Difficult is to give. –

- Easy is to break a lover’s heart,
Difficult is to mend it back. -

- Easy is to keep love with words,
Difficult is to keep it with meanings. –

had you ever missed someone so badly that it hurts you inside...?

had you ever thought through the past and thought if things weren't like that, how would it be...?

had you ever wished to forget everything just to realise how important those memories were to you...?

had you ever wanted to climb up the rooftop just to feel closer to the stars and the moon...?

*the stars will fade and the moon will disappear behind the clouds, what about you?

一人ぼっちになった私に、 何が残る....?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

perhaps, it's really just the teddy that i've got.

as the title goes.

就这样, 两个月过去了






可是, 现在的我还有什么权利去想?



一直觉得爱情, 真的没什么大不了了


开开心心的牵着手,逛街, 吵架


她们总是说她们的恋请也是有问题, 不愉快



放下我, 放下过去


闲下来的时候, 还会想起我吗?


如果我们没有这样, 那该有多好?


所有人都以为我没事, 没有丝毫难过




我不舒服你在家里陪我的时候, 不开心的时候, 开心的时候, 讨厌你的时候, 生气你的时候

全部全部, 都有着你.







或许现在还是会痛, 也还是会想念你


只是现在的我, 真的很想念你,


*there are times that you'll really wished you had a teddy with you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

when will the rainy season end?

rain, rain, go away.

come again another day...

it's raining everyday in the afternoon.

the sky becomes gloomier than ever.

i think the Sun is emo that's why don't want come out.

i really hate rainy days.

Monday, October 20, 2008

heels don't heal.

Before starting on anything,


ok, end of good news.

went to pyramid today with my mum and once again, i spotted another baby.

another proud 3-inches!

as this goes on, i think my legs won't last long. Not in the sense that it's going to break or anything but there's this problem.

It's not good to wear high heels all the time. Apparently, this problem will occur - your leg will become kinda disfigured (not in the alien-ish way of course) in a way that when it gets to a certain stage, you need to undergo some operation and you need to sit on a wheelchair for a few months.

There's this simple way to test whether your leg is entering Stage 1 of the mutation disfiguration.

Step 1: Get a ruler. Any ruler. Length does not mattter.

Step 2: Stand straight on both legs and try putting the ruler through the middle of your leg. (neh, the curvy part of your leg)

Something like this:

If it gets through:

Congrats! You've officially entered Stage 1.

If it doesn't:

Good for you. Wear more heels and work harder. You'll soon succeed. :)

If you're wondering what stage i'm in...........................

yeah, i've entered Stage 1. har har

it entered so easily as if the space was made just for the ruler to go through liddat!

Here's a picture of my halfly disfigured leg:

Great, I have curvy legs.

Until some time, I actually thought that curvy legs are actually a normal thing. I even laughed at my mum saying her leg was alienic due to the fact that it was not curvy.

Mum: eh, why your leg so weird wan?

Me: where got?? like this only normal. your leg weird la. where got people leg not curvy wan? all also curvy wan wat. your one like alien.

Mum: no wor, i read in newspaper they say curvy legs are not good. They say cuz wear too much high heels. You get a ruler go test and see *explains bout the testing process*

Me: *after testing* .............................


so it wasn't a normal thing after all.

anyone, join me?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

kamen is...

going for scaling tomorrow morning.

there goes the drilling...

i have a strong feeling i'll chicken out last minute tomorrow morning.


i really dread it.

creamy day.

off to klcc today to collect my beloved book

teehee. another new addition to my beloved. asked my friend to help me buy when she went Japan. was waaaaaitinnnng for her to come back and when she came back

"they say no more stock. by the time stock arrives, i'm back in Malaysia already. sorry ah."


and thus, the price here is twice the price in Japan. 666

walked past Sun Moulin, and this beautiful thing caught my eyes.

Strawberry Cream Choux.

it was too beautiful that I couldn't stop myself from not trying it. despite all the calories

Warning: poser pictures ahead.

tell me, can anyone bear not trying them??
i think it's the strawberries' fault la.

finally, i managed to find my desired shades. :)

all the cream oozing out and my sexy legs. Seriously, it was really, really, really creamy. In fact, they were creamier than Beard Papa's cream puffs. Beard Papa's price so expensive and the size of the creams puffs are so small somemore! this one so big and very reasonably priced.

i swear, i'm not going to lay my hands on any cream puffs in anytime soon.

really filling and creamy - whether or not you're a cream puff lover, make sure u try it when u make your next trip to KLCC - you won't regret.

my last Halloween.

as the title goes, it's going to be my last Halloween - probably.

finally, i'm getting braces - maybe.

so i think i'll look something like this for two years:

was chatting to Jia Xin about all these braces business, and we came up with one sad but true conclusion.

Do Not Trust Dentists

no la, not in the sense in don't trust them in fixing your ugly teeth. but just that we can't seem to trust what they say!

most of the time, they'll tell you (normally before injections) "don't be afraid, it won't hurt at all. just like an ant bite."

yea rite. everything also ant bite. teeth injection ant bite, vaccination also ant bite, everything ant bite. so next time give birth that time also the doctor will tell you - chill. don't worry. it'll be alright. it's just like an ant bite.

woa, quite a big ant lor liddat!!

okay, back to my do-not-trust-dentists theory. apparently before getting my braces, i have to do some scaling process due to some problem in my gums.

The doctor said its just like some vibration on your teeth.

vibration like how?? so most probably i think it'll be like some so-called vibration drilling in my gums and all the blood will be gushing out.

i think i'll faint before anything starts. Is it possible if the doctor gives some sort of anaesthetic which will make me unconscious and by the time i'm conscious, everything is done and voila! braces all done.

quite impossible.

and thus, this shall be my last Halloween. (in the assumption if i have enough guts to proceed to the dentistry)


Halloween --> Vampires --> Me

so i can't go around at night searching for blood to suck di lor. can only drink juice now.

Conclusion: my last Halloween.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

this is so sad.

Friday, October 17, 2008

pictures say a thousand words.

not that i'm sad or anything. just feel as if something is missing. but i don't know what it is. everything feels so pointless now.

they're all happily in their relationships. but, i just don't feel anything. i wonder why.

they say they're surprised hearing me saying this. love had once been everything. but now, everything has become nothing.

perhaps, the heart is just missing.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

battle of the innocence.

*li hong* says:

✭.....heart, kamen ❤ says:
wats wit the innocent picture

✭.....heart, kamen ❤ says:
pian ren wan

*li hong* says:
lol dun be jealous la

✭.....heart, kamen ❤ says:

✭.....heart, kamen ❤ says:
i got oso --->

*li hong* says:
haha urs lagi pian ren

✭.....heart, kamen ❤ says:
no la hahaha

✭.....heart, kamen ❤ says:
mine is zhen de

*li hong* says:
lol u ask and see

thus, the battle began.
the following are the pictures mentioned above:

ok la, since the picture so small, i put the picture first.


i'm sorry that the picture is so small. No choice wannn!!

not that i'm evil purposely put so small you know! this was what happened:

✭.....heart, kamen ❤ says:
eh send me ur picture

*li hong* says:
for what

✭.....heart, kamen ❤ says:
i want laa

*li hong* says:
nuh-uhh. kamen ask for picture, sure nothing good wan.

✭.....heart, kamen ❤ says:
i wun draw misai wan so don't worry. if draw oso i draw on myself too.

oh well. still failed to convince her. so i could only resort to stealing her display pic in the convo.
i can stretch it though, but later she say she got camel eyes again (hahaha inside joke)

what do you think?

the unknown bit of me.

another new addition to my very beloved collection! Don't worry, this time it isn't heels (although they're beloved too). But as the title goes, this exposes shall reveal the unknown bit of me.


my Saiyuki books.

never knew i had such a liking leh.


really really love it. Get me anything bout it, i'll love you to bits. or maybe pieces too.
Got these 5 books as an early birthday present

:) :) :)

ceh. just some normal comic books.

Do Not Think That Way.
it's not those RM 4 comic books that can buy in mamak stall leh!

its RM40 for one because they're originally in Japanese.
sorry, not trying to brag bout the price or anything. just don't want my very-the-beloved to be degraded till those RM4 translated comics which are also translated in a weird way.

i'm happy and contented.

yes, kamen likes to read Japanese comics too. now you know.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i've been searching high and low, everywhere for you. and alas, i've found you - my beloved.

Vincci sucks now. they don't stock in new heels. that's so sad.
everytime i enter a shopping mall, i'll be zooming for Vincci, but end up being miserable.

then finally, i spotted this in another shop. my beloved.
i am now satisfied.
but the problem is, the heels are too high. i don't even know where to wear them to.

a proud 3-inches.
i think my legs will break after walking half an hour.
still, who cares?
- i've found my beloved.

.....heart, kamen

Sunday, October 12, 2008

gloomy rainy day.

it's raining outside. and i'm in starbucks with my new girlfriend - caramel macchiato.


gloomy gloomy day.

perhaps its because of the weather, everyone around me looks gloomy here. or maybe cuz mostly all of them are facing their own laptops. however this time, i'm smart. i brought along a jacket.

Reason: my fingers were all stiff and numb after chatting with chingy that day due to the cold.

smart, no?

my fingers are very warm now :)

how can some people still order ice blended drinks despite the coldness. honestly speaking, i'm very afraid of the cold. i'd rather you put me in a hot place rather than a cold, cold, cold place. i think i'll die.

most people i know would very much prefer the cold compared to the heat. really makes me wonder. i think xin will understand. can always remember her face cuddling in her jumper in class everyday hahaha.

those were the days.


hello blog.

i have to admit, i've been neglecting you for ages. and if you were a real existing thing, i think you would've been covered by thick, thick dust.

updates updates. let's see. i'll be starting classes! (finallly) i'll be joining the January intake in HELP. finally, i'll be moving my ass and start my studying days again. sometimes, i really wonder how those rich tai tais spend their days doing nothing. perhaps just stay at home watch all those dramas, then play mah jong or go salon together.

based on my 4 months experience, seriously, you'll get bored.

my dad comes home everyday seeing me being a couch potato. seriously, there's not a single tvb show that i've missed lately that i feel so bored. it's about time to reunion with my long lost darlings in HELP. but i think two will be leaving by the time i start.

sim li hong and xy. betrayers

enough bout starting classes.

i've finally gotten a new phone!

Nokia 7610 Supernova.

the screen is a mirror when it is in standby mode! squeals.

Dad: you look damn dumb staring into your phone. where got ppl look into phone in that way. ur staring at it in such a weird way that ppl will think you're retarded.

me: its a mirror la please.

Dad: you wearing a banner around you saying ur phone is a mirror izzit.


so now i feel very paranoid when i stare into the screen which is actually a mirror.

it's been so long since i've camwhored that i've lost my touch. finally, i picture which i've managed to take without looking weird.


.....heart, kamen