Sunday, March 30, 2008

i hate you~

i hereby declare that.

yea, i really do.
i just realised, i totally do not have any fate with Economics.

why do i hate it so much?
don't ask me.

you know him?
a real genius.

Reason: he bloody hell has a MASTER in Economics.
he's godlike.
(in the sense that he could survive econs)

That's crazy, like totally.
if only i had a part of his Economics brain lol.
feels as if he's even smarter than Einstein at this point.

really, wat use is Economics?
not like im planning to be an economist in the future.
look at it from this point of view,
he's got his masters in economics.
and look what he is now?
some superstar!
wat use is Marginal Cost, or Contestable Markets or Paradox of Thrift to him?
maybe, how elastic the market of Fahrenheit may be important lol.
or maybe, whats the Marginal Revenue they get through the
addition of one fan they get

(Definition of Marginal Revenue: additional revenue obtained through the addition of
one product produced)

Econs tomorrow!
bah. detest it.
really wonder why Li Hong prefers Economics to Law
i'd rather sit for Law thrice than once for Econs.
it's really killing me.

i hate it.
why must it be in my life
makes me wonder

.....heart, kamen

Monday, March 24, 2008

it's getting bad~

omfg. something's wrong with me now.

its been a long while since my fetish have been satisfied.

yes, it needs satisfaction.

mr.boyfriend is very very reluctant into wearing it.

and thus, it is not satisfied.

wondering what it is? my fetish?


no, not for myself.

but for me to see ahahaha XD


guys? girls? it doesn't matter.

as long as its long sleeves.

*vertical stripes are more preferable*

edison chen sean kingston, this is specially dedicated to you.

couldn't find the brain one, sorry ching.

.....heart, kamen

Friday, March 21, 2008

die die die~


will be sitting for Law Paper 3 (Contract) exactly a week from now.
someone, help me?

*sorry for the lack of updates, and pictures*

.....heart, kamen

Thursday, March 06, 2008

dear diary~

To my poorly neglected blog,

it has come to my understand that you have been in such a state that
you've been ignored for the previous month
ever since the Chinese New Year.
well, i'm back now (har-har)

A2 trials are coming in about 3 weeks
and i haven't started revising.
well, not Econs though.
started a bit on my Tort Law
but sigh, there's still the entire Contract Law book that i need to study!
and not mentioning, Business Studies.
shows how sad my current college life is,
three miserable letters:


a lot of people's blogging bout much "better" they sleep with Chipster.
well, and so is Ching Mun with her packet of Chipster Lays.
to join some pyjama party organised by Nuffnang.
Ching, you going?

.....heart, kamen