Monday, August 31, 2009

Public Notice.

Terribly sick.

Will be back sooner than you think ;-)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Always With Me

Was scrolling around looking for a movie to watch and for some reasons unknown to myself, I made up my mind to watch this.

Spirited Away - 千と千尋の神隠し.

Ya, the one where the girl - Chihiro's parents became pigs and she had to work in the weird place in order to save her parents. And she met Haku there (Yea, the dragon dude). Come to think of it, it was 8 years ago since that movie first came out!

It had always been my all time favourite, and I remember I watched it twice in the cinema and a gazillion times on the VCD (Yea, back in those days it was still the VCD era). I loved the show, so much that I decided to blog about it -____-

Somehow, the ending almost got me crying. It's a pretty meaningful show actually and the plot was awesome. Chihiro and Haku were so cute!

Sigh. If only they came up with a Part II or something. I'd soooo watch it.

Oh, and I love this piano piece (Haha like you people don't already know that I love piano pieces). It's the ending theme for the movie - いつも何度でも (Always With Me)

Sorry for the pretty disturbing picture in the video though. Couldn't find a better one :-x

Friday, August 28, 2009

I know you heard this all before, but we're just hell's dreamers.

- america's suitehearts.

I know, many of you here already know that I'm a Facebook addict - or rather, like how we'd put it nowadays: Facebook whore.

Well, think again :D

7 out of 8 feeds in a day. Who's the whore now? :P

Btw, you look like a dad with the baby here, Mr. Ha. He's so cute! Now nobody can call me a Facebook addict anymore :D

Anyway, on a very unrelated note - I really wanted to post a very disturbing video here to be shared. But I just can't seem to find it on Youtube. Oh well.

Guess I'll share another one then. No, it's not disturbing at all. This got me addicted during my exams period and I started watching all the related videos on Youtube.

It's just amazing :-D

Thursday, August 27, 2009

That's when time stops.

Went for dim sum with Flo and Aaron at Jaya Palace Restaurant. Gosh, the dim sum was so good that it was almost orgasmic. Would've ate more if I had a stomach like Flo. She's literally the Eating Machine. Let's just say, she never eats enough.

The best siu yuk (Roasted pork) I've ever had.

Ha kau! Their prawns were so fresh :9

My ultimate love - Siu loong pau.

Their egg tarts were yummylicious. Honestly, I'm a huge fan of egg tarts. Their egg tarts were so soft that it's like it almost melts in your mouth.

Erm, the yam thingy called "Wu kok". Any idea what it's called in English? :-/

This was gooood. I never liked sweet potatoes. But these could definitely be an exception. It's something like a dessert I guess, definitely worth a try.

Oh oh, and their porridge rocks! I'm soooo gonna go back again <3

Meet Saddam. I hate this bitch (Okay, it's a male). It barked even before we entered the house and apparently, it'll run after you to bite you. And it looks like it's constantly frowning.

O hai, Hussein.

Hush Puppy! <3

It's so damn cute and friendly, and not to mention - very very playful. Apparently, it shits a lot too. Poor boy, I don't know why the owner prefers the other mop (Saddam, he looks like a mop) over him. He's a gazilion times cuter than that.

Sigh. I'm gonna miss Flo :-(

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moments Like This Don't Last Long.

Yea I know I haven't been blogging for two days already. (This post is dated 26th, actually it isn't - I cheated). Was pretty busy, let's just say it was just another reason for me to be lazy.

Let's backtrack for a very slight bit. Went to some event at Maison on Tuesday night with Flo and "Melanie" haha okay, inside joke :x

Basically, free flow ended when we reached. Nevertheless, it was still a pretty fun night. More like, a chill out night? Hmmm...

Wuuhuu, we have almost identical tops :D

Flo and I <3

The boys.


With Daniel

Jonny. I hate him. He never looks.

Us :D

And the next day (technically, today) we drove off to the infamous Full House. Apparently, it's a restaurant whose concept was based on the Korean drama "Full House" (if I'm not mistaken) and we've seen so many beautiful pictures taken there. So yea, we decided to give it a try, after many many failed attempts.

Mini Cooper!

Ze menu.

Ze real food.

The interior decoration of the place was pretty pleasant and kinda special. It's also a shop which sells lots of stuff, from clothes to shades to earrings.

Bubble bath?

View from upstairs.

The obligatory vain picture.

Ring ring.


They had weird things like this outside the place. There was a Mickey & Minnie and also Goofy. Didn't walk around to check the rest out (if there were any other ones). Hopped over to Curve with Flo later on in the evening and had dinner at Bubba Gump. I'm not much of a shrimp person but their shrimps there were hella good! Well, at least the ones I had were good :9

I forgot what this is called. The shrimps look much bigger actually.

Sigh. I wanna try going to Look Out Point (That's another many-failed-attempts story). Heard it's a really beautiful place with a beautiful view of the entire city at night. Hmmm... maybe, one day.

孤单是一种冷, 让我想起我们

Monday, August 24, 2009

Have I Told You Before?

all those could have beens, i hate them.

Ah, I wanna watch this. This is the seventh time when Johnny Depp worked together with Tim Burton in a movie. Sigh, it's only coming out next year's May. Keep waiting folks, keep waiting.

Hmm, it's more like a fusion (?) of both books - Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass cuz they have the Red Queen here. (The one in Alice In Wonderland is Queen of Hearts). Definitely not the usual Alice In Wonderland we've once watched ages ago when we were still young. This is more like a darker, creepier version? I don't know, most probably, since it's a Tim Burton film.

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

(Yea, the eccentric hatter who gives random riddles in the tea party)

Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen.

Johnny Depp ftw! Okay, his Public Enemies was kinda disappointing but oh well, I'm sure this one will be good. Can't wait :D

Sigh. Now I'm just bumming around at home watching Gossip Girl everyday. Yet, I'm so sleep deprived.

I don't know why but my mind is spinning, not literally though. It feels as if it's been dwelling over something, for a very very long time, multiple things actually. Just that I can't really figure out what it is. Even I don't get myself. Thinking about things which I know I shouldn't. Thinking about things which I thought were long forgotten, like resurrected thoughts. Thinking about things which I know are pointless. It's just a matter of control, and I've managed to do that in the past.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Sometimes, it's fucked up no matter how you paint your canvas,
Grey or blue,
It just won't work.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'd Still Have My Love, We Would Still Have Us.

Went for some drinks with Flo, Aaron and Shahrin at Somo, near Plaza Mont Kiara after dinner. Quite a decent place for a place to chill out with friends. Located right next to Coffee Beans and near Baskin Robbins. Oh, and it closes pretty late :-)


Skewers! :9

Was suppose to go to Penang today, but couldn't make it anymore due to some reasons :-(

Sigh. I wanna go on a trip somewhere. It's sickening and tiring to be in town right now, I can't tell you why cuz I don't know it myself. I just feel like it. Visiting random places and maybe get lost on the way, taking random pictures, laughing along like nothing ever happened. Jeez, this is depressing.

Let's go to Penang and hit the beach. Let's go to Malacca for some cendol that only Malacca has. Let's go to Genting for the cool weather. Let's even go to Cameron for some strawberries. Let's go... wherever. As long as it's away from this town.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

I once would have given anything to be everything that we are not.

Removed, deleted.

You should be happy now.


Enough is enough. Now forget those words said, forget those things that made you happy. Cuz they don't mean a thing at all.

如今想起那时的画面, 还会觉得那时的我开心得很不可思议.

明明在旁边, 却如此的貌合神离.

Perhaps, you don't even care.

No, not a single bit.

I know you don't.

When it feels like talking to the wall. When it feels like talking to a stranger. When it feels completely insignificant. When it feels so out of place. Whatever. I don't really care anymore.

I admit it makes me sad and sometimes, I still do think of the past - so what? That much can't bring me down. It ain't worth it. I deserve better.




想要对你说那不敢说的爱, 会不会有人可以明白?

No I don't cry on the outside anymore.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Time Has Been Making A Fool Out Of Us.

or maybe just me, who knows.

Maybe it's the time factor. Wrong timings, wrong things being done.


If it'd make myself feel better that way,

Then I think I'll settle with that.

Perhaps things would've been different at a different timing.
but no point crying over spilt milk.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shhh, It's Our Secret.

Went for the relaunching of a club at Heritage Row called Space. Free flow through the night :D

Met a whole bunch of unexpected people there. Had a few dances and that was it. Oh, and a hell lot of camwhoring :DD

While lining up

The "yok ha yok ha" face. Haha wtf.

Okay, inside joke :x

Chocolate coated apples

Jonny and Flo


Having lots of fun on the podium huh :P

Dance babyyyyy!

Met Scandal over there.

Major face problem.

Yes, and that was the night :3

Had other pictures with the rest, but Blogger's being a bitch. I can't upload pictures, I don't know why. Oh well. There's always Facebook! :D

就好像, 回到以前一样.
可是, 你我都懂




Wednesday, August 19, 2009



你知道吗, 这样一点也不好玩.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shawty Fire Burning On The Dance Floor!

LOL. The title definitely means something to us - like, something really hilarious.

Woke up really early in the morning and drove off to Lake Garden to erm, picnic with Chingy, Jia Xin, Linda and Xin. Yes, picnic. But we didn't really have substantial food actually... not exactly very healthy haha.

Yeap, took off the party dresses and heels, minus the night sky. We woke up for the morning sun and picnic!

The sun, however, was crazily hot. Like, super hot it felt like it was burning our skin. Yea, that bad.

Xin and Linda carrying the heavy chilled drinks.

Okay, we had to take turns.

Finally settled down after lots of consideration.

We even considered snakes wtf. I swear, there's a bloody high possibility that a snake would attack us anytime there.

The creepy bush behind Jia Xin, we literally packed and ran away immediately.

FTS. Bloody stalker.

Actually, we could've sued him for indecent assault under s3 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003. No kidding.

Wanted to make our way to the boat/canoe ride near the lake. The people in charge were out for lunch and it's gonna take them forever to come back.

Seriously, they really have loooooong lunch hours. So we decided to move on to Titiwangsa for our boat ride (and continue our so-called picnic trip).

Chingyyy! <3

Took hell lot of pictures over there. These are like, a super small portion out of everything wtf.

Upon reaching Titiwangsa.

This really looks like an advert for 100Plus and the Lychee jelly.

Those people were off for Lunch too (bloody hell). And we had to wait for an hour half. So yea, Xin was really excited about blowing bubbles.

No, the bubbles around Chingy weren't exactly blown by her...

Chingy's Emo Dream World

Our Boat Ride!!!

Now I feel like cutting my hair haha wtf.

It's bloody tiring to paddle the boat. Really tiring. Really really tiring.

Result of the day?

I'm very tanned, with a weird white line on my left wrist. Reason, I was wearing a watch. Oh, and the straps of my wedges. I have very nice lines on my feet now.

Oh yea, tribute to Chingy's already non-existent Jelly. Called me early morning to tell me that she was beyond pissed cuz her maid accidentally smashed it on the floor. (She was very very very excited about bringing her jelly for the picnic).


Nevertheless, it was a day well spent. Had lots of laughs together with lots of gay stuffs. Wtf.

It's really good, when old friends all come back together and spend quality time like this before everyone splits and leaves overseas, pursuing a further step in life. It's gonna be harder when it happens.

Ah, we'll meet up somewhere in the England. I repeat, England - not Scotland :P

Edit: Okay, I removed the video. View it through FB. :-)

"Eh, Ching Mun. Anyonghasaeyo." (self explanatory)

"Xin, konnichiwa moshi moshi." (Her half jap boy)

"Yea, I'm the lonely one."

Ching: "How they say hi ah?"

"They speak English."



Pictures coming soon.

Now don't ask me out during the day anymore, not under the sun. No.

Okay, there are exceptional cases when I'd come out :DD