Saturday, August 30, 2008

will days change?

hello blog. i'm finally here to update you.

yes, i'm still loafing at home everyday, still on holidays.
i'm still wondering, should i start sept intake or jan next year?

according to flo, the spetember intake is quite.......sad.
only 50 ppl who registered. but...should i continue wasting time?
maybe i can try working. but, can't find job.
so...back to loafing.

oh my goodness, even this blog feels no-life now.
i really wonder why they have so many things to blog about.

their life feels colourful. so mine feels greyish.


but i still wun wanna snap my fingers on the car door and end up like lihong.
that's a bit too colourful.
and i duwana see one whole kampung too.
*read ching's blog to know what i mean*

so...grey is good?

on holidays for Japanese class too. they're moving off to North Point.
(opposite Mid Valley)
so, hols for one week and we're off to a new environment.
same people though lol. think this is already quite a pointless long post.
time to stop.

.....heart, kamen

Sunday, August 17, 2008

once in a blue moon.

throughout my school days, i've been known for one thing.
besides being talkative of course.
i have no fate with sports. not at all.
i join house deco for sports day.
cuz i don't wanna march, and obviously i can't run.
i run like a rabbit kura-kura.
my only hope of winning the race is when the rabbit-type-of-ppl-like-some-friends-that-i-have-who-are-runners-for-sports-day
stops for a rest and end up sleeping.
then i can slowly crawl my way into victory.
but so far, it's never happened.


maybe it's the Olympics fever. i've been watching the matches when i'm free.
tonight's the badminton finals! cheers for malaysia?
i'm being so un-kamen.
i'm gonna wait in front of the television and support Malaysia, for once.

i'm so proud of myself.
i'm not so useless when it comes to sports after all

.....heart, kamen

Saturday, August 09, 2008

i'm here waiting for you.

recently, got quite into this song.
it was the Ending Theme in NANA and the called it Travel To The Moon
but i checked it online and apparently, it's called A Little Pain.
it's really nice, trust me
something wrong with imeem, can't add it on here.

Travel to the moon
You're asleep, as you work out your dreams
There's no one here
While the light of the stars toys with me

In order to become strong
I have to remember how to smile
If we're together, I can do it

* Realize that...
I'm here waiting for you
Even if the future is different from now
I'm here waiting for you
I keep on shouting
I'm sure all I have to do
Is pull in the thread that connects our hearts
So the person I was back then
Would open her eyes
No need to cry

Travel in silence
I can reach you if I stretch out my hands
The only memory I have of you
Is so far away

I can hear your voice
If I close my eyes
Even a little pain
Would be nice

Look at me
I'm here waiting for you
Even if you get lost, blown away by the wind
I'm here waiting for you
I look up at the sky
I was protecting my heart
With outstretched hands
Until the person you were back then
Looked back
No need to cry

(Feel something, feel nothing
Listen closely, listen closely)
Wide open ears
Disarm the dream tickler
In the constant moment
(You will find me where it's quiet
Listen closely, listen closely)
Let the blood flow
Through all the spaces
Of the universe


it's never solved.

Olympics started last night *cheers*
first time i felt interested in sports, laugh out loud.

the same things repeat everyday, and things stay constant.
sorry for the long delays in updating and so posts..
Avril Lavigne's coming on the 29th!
anyone going?

The Best Damn Tour

there's no more road ahead,
why not part now...
there will not be a road after all,
no matter how far we walk together,
it'll just be the same.

.....heart, kamen