Monday, April 25, 2011


Over the past weekend, I started rewatching this show all over again. If you're above 17 and watches Hong Kong dramas, you'll probably know of this show because it was quite a popular show back then in 2004.

Theme Song for TVB drama, War and Beauty.

I've watched this show 3 times already and well, it's my 4th time watching it this time. (Note that I never rewatch my shows) I remember I used to love this show so much I never missed a single episode and spent sleepless nights watching it. And if you've watched this show, I'm quite sure you'd love this theme song :)

But it had such a sad ending at episode 30 because almost everyone ends up dying! I hated Gigi Lai in this show. She was so annoying! But then again, I guess she's acted her part well enough to make people hate her and eventually winning the awards that year itself for Best Actress. Needless to say, I supported Charmaine all the way. She is so cute laaaa.

As for those who are completely clueless as to what I'm talking about, this show revolves among 4 women, who are the Emperor's concubines each scheming their way for various reasons - some to gain power and control, and some to plot revenge. At the same time being involved with scandals with 2 men in the Imperial City which led to their plot to escape the castle. In the end, all died but for two who managed to escape. Really, it's a show worth watching regardless of whether you're a couch potato or not.

So if you're one of those with nothing to do at home rotting everyday, do try to give this show a try :)


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