Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here we go, come with me, there's a world out there that we should see.

For some reasons today, I have been constantly reminded of bits and pieces from the vague past. Dating back from just recently to even a few years back.

Through this whole journey of 21 years, many people have came around, stopped by and left. Well, a handful of them stayed of course. And as for those who left, some left leaving nothing of a trace and some leaving their mark on the path.

I greatly believe that each person have been sent into our lives for a reason, each to teach us something we ought to learn in this funny thing we call life. Some lessons learnt naturally and some learnt the hard way.

Well, though it could be said that lessons have been learned and once bitten twice shy, that's not always the case. We tend to forget how painful our first fall was and eventually make the same mistake we did again. Looking at random pictures of people I once had so much in connection with, it's ironic how it feels like we're strangers all over again. They were once people who bore so much importance in my life and now, they hardly cross my mind. This thought itself make my heart sink with a slight feel of guilt.

I thought of so many people today, and my many encounters with each and every one - even some that I'll never think I would one day be reminded of them. One by one, the scenes played through. It took a long while I think, or at least in my head it felt like it did.

Towards the end, it stopped by you the longest, though your stay was the shortest - and ironically, having left the deepest mark I wouldn't want to be reminded of. Without knowing it, I shuddered. Not at the thought of "it could have been," but at the thought at how fast time passed us by. It's been a few good years already. And I have been grateful all the while. Grateful that your short stay had taught me a few things, and your departure taught me far greater things in life. But then again, you taught me to shut myself out from the world too. And just drown myself in a world I never once thought I'd fumble into - of partying, fun and so much I'd wish to keep out from the post.

And that was when you came into the picture. You pulled me out and held me back together slowly. Sometimes I wonder where did all your patience come from. You've played so many roles - my best friend, my keeper, my partner in crime and lastly, my idiot (you'll understand this, right? Heh). Blessed is a girl to have someone like you by her side. What more could I ask for already? I'm thankful to have you with me all along, love.

Till this point, I figured that this is the best it could be, however things turned out to be. I'm happy. Very happy and contented. Happy that I have once myself been a passerby in somebody's life, and probably left my own mark somewhere - with all the bittersweet memories made, roads taken and smiles forgotten. And now, happy that I am leaving my own mark somewhere in your heart - hopefully.

Finally, here I am, sincerely wishing with all my heart that may the few people whose paths I may have crossed have all the happiness in the world with their loved ones. And probably one day if we ever meet again, we'll greet one another with that familiar smile we all once knew.

You were, and always will be the greatest thought in my mind.

you smelly skunk.

Dan mungkin bila nanti, kita kan bertemu lagi
Satu pintaku jangan kau cuba tanyakan kembali
Rasa yang ku tinggal mati.

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