Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've found a reason for me to change who I used to be.

A super overdued post.

Hmmm, about 2 weeks ago, the Cousin and I decided to check out the very much talked about bakery in KL - LeVain Boulangerie Patisserie.

After a 10 minutes drive, we were there. At first we were rather worried about the parking there and wow, they had a jockey service for only RM 2! It was around lunch hour when we reached so the place was quite packed and there were many people (mostly youngsters) standing at the front door, all snapping pictures of their visit.

The counter.

They had a variety of pastries to choose from and of course they had simple food like salad and pasta from RM 9.90 only. (The prices of the pastries vary of course).

The menu.

Our food!

The danish one with berries on top is awesome! They had caramel filling inside and the best thing is, it isn't too sweet.

And this, was the most awesome buy - Turkey Ham & Egg.


A very comfortable and relaxing environment just nice for some drinks while chilling around with friends/family.


Oh yeah, they have a great variety of macaroons there too :)

After lunch, we decided to drive over to Pavilion to shop (cuz we had nothing better to do). Hoho, a mere 5 minutes drive!

CNY deco at Pavilion

The Cousin

The obligatory take-reflection-of-self-at-toilet-mirror photo.

Finally updated with some "life" in my blog hahaha wtf. So yeah. Hopefully there will be more posts as such soon haha. (Sorry to end the post so abruptly because yeah, I got lazy typing already boo).


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