Thursday, February 17, 2011

We'll just keep running from tomorrow with our lips locked.

So how was your Valentines' Day? Mine was just a simple dinner (which kinda ended up unplanned for) and with an awesome afternoon preceding it.

Smelly picked me around 12ish for lunch and we went shopping after that! Ooh, and our chocolate fondue that afternoon! Well, how could Valentines be without flowers and chocolate hmm? ;-)

Just an ordinary day with that tad bit of special-ness to it when you see everyone else doing the same thing. Well, it's not just one day in the year when you could celebrate your love for each other, right? Just another excuse to be spending money (ohmygod) and dressing up nicely for dinner and all. Or rather, another excuse for shop owners to be making great business.

But then again, it feels great to be so comfortable with one another celebrating this very day together, Smelly :)

The only successful shot of the many failed ones taken during dinner.

"the Pig digging into her food like one."

Complimentary Polaroid for each table apparently :)

Let's celebrate not just one day,
but 364 of it together.
Shall we need no special occasion,
to celebrate this love we have.

i'm lucky we're in love in every way.

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