Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I just wanna dance, I don't really care.

Drove up to Penang for the weekend for cuz Mom wanted to go on a trip for her birthday. Left on Friday (25th March) and came home on Sunday night. For the first time, the trip home was longer than the trip there. You know, the weird feeling that the journey home is somehow always shorter than the journey to.

We were there for 3 days 2 nights, but it rained most of the time. The first day we reached, it was really cloudy, but at least we still managed to take a walk by the beach and swam for a bit. As for the second day, it was our whole day in the hotel room! It was raining cats and dogs from morning till night (yes, from before we woke up till we slept)

Mom & I

Mom & her footprints lol.

By the beach hee!

The stay there was quite enjoyable actually. Like, it's good to have a change in environment once in a while. Somewhere different from town. But well, driving in Penang really sucks. Especially when it's raining.

Sixty9ine Mansion

It isn't really clear here in the picture, but this place is not bad actually. We initially wanted to go to Sunset Bar, which was the infamous beach bar in Batu Ferengghi. When we asked, it was burnt down not long ago apparently (wtf). And fortunately, we fumbled on this bar!

Their concept was pretty cool I must say. It's a normal club/bar from the inside, but they have an outdoor area too. It's divided into many parts. One part being the one on the beach, one being on top of a podium overlooking the entire beach. Then they had one which had seats in the pool. You literally have to lie on your back on the seat. And the other is the one in the picture. They place their tables and chairs in the middle of the pool. So you still have to get wet while drinking, but at least you don't have to lie on your back heh.

Should really give it a try if any of you readers (if I still have any) do pop by Batu Ferrenghi.

The huge statue of the Goddess of Mercy @Kek Lok Si Temple

Since we couldn't do much on a rainy day, we stayed in. The next day, we took a trip to the Toy Museum before we started our journey home.

Apparently, it's the world's largest Toy Museum and it costs like RM 10 per entry for Malaysians (RM 20 for non-Malaysians). They really had a whole collection of toys there, from every genre, every country and every movie you can think of! First they had some Chinese and Japanese porcelain dolls and of course, Barbie doll.

They even had human sized figurines likes this!

Yes, Captain Jack Sparrow mi amour.

Kungfu Panda!

The only toy they didn't have was of Pepe le Pew by Looney Tunes. I was kinda disappointed actually cuz I was very much looking forward to having a look at their collection of Pepe le Pew as it is already discontinued.

I swear, I have at least 90% of the Sailormoon stuffs here.

Yes, I was a hardcore fan back then. Don't deny it, they were cool okay.

Bigger-than-human sized Spiderman.

and the collection of Spiderman goods.

This was one of my favourite spots!

Gotta love Meeko! My all time favourite character from Disney. Soooo cute and adorable!! He just looks so cheeky!

There were wayyyy too many toys in the Toy Museum so yeah, these are only basically the fews that I uploaded. Do check it out, really.

We decided to take the ferry to hit the highway instead of the Penang Bridge. So yeap, we were stuck in the long line of vehicles waiting for their rides.

During the ferry ride.

I love how the sky blended in this picture.

My favourite picture during the ferry ride.

So yeap, it was an enjoyable trip, minus some troublesome stuffs (such as rain) but nevertheless, it was all good. Yeap, it's been so long since I've posted a blogpost with vast amount of pictures. So I'm hoping that you guys are enjoying it!

I shall end this post with a vain self portrait of yours truly,

Complete pictures of Penang trip on Facebook. Have fun reading :)

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