Wednesday, March 02, 2011

We stick together and can see it through cuz you've got a friend in me.

Two of my closest friends flew off (again) in one week. Xin came back from Brisbane (lucky she wasn't carried away by the flood) for only 12 days and LiHong came back for a month (but I hardly got to see her due to you know what reasons if you know her well enough or have tried to ask her out).

Managed to spend some time with them and seriously, time never seemed to be enough whenever we're all together. It's like we have endless stories to tell about the universe and we spend half of the time laughing about god knows what. Chingy, if you're reading this, we really wished you were back here sitting with us making those random conversations out of nowhere - or randomly whacking one of us (though it is usually LiHong).

A rather screwed up picture of the three of us but whatever :D

Hopefully everyone will be back again during June, cuz it feels so great to have your closest friends back with you (physically) all over again. APL is going over to celebrate Mia's birthday this year. We had such a great celebration last year boo :(

I guess time and distance didn't pull us apart, despite everyone being scattered in different parts of the world and the fact that we don't talk to each other everyday. When we meet, it feels like we've just spoken to one another the day before. Everything catches up on its own accord and this is what makes friends awesome - true ones that is :)

On a totally unrelated note, I've finally watched Toy Story 3!! I know I know, I'm a late bloomer and all that shit, but I almost cried. Kinda felt as if Andy was leaving me behind like how he had to leave behind his toys too in the end. So emo! Definitely one of the best animated trilogy ever :D

Till whenever :)

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