Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Keep on dancing till the world ends.

After a long long hiatus from my partying days, finally popped to Zouk for Jee King's big day with a few more friends, and his missus of course.

We had dinner at Delicious, Bangsar before heading over to Zouk with the Smelly too.

The birthday boy with the lala pose wtf.

The durian cake was so awesome! But we couldn't have too much in case we smell horrible in the club later ahaha.

The King of the day and his missus.

The Smelly :)

At Zouk with the rest of the group!

Without the birthday boy. Reason being he was constantly missing from the place.

With the buddy! :3

Not many pictures were taken and all were taken using my phone, which explains the bad quality. And as for the last picture, vain self pic of yours truly :)

Sorry for the lack of words. I'm too lazy to type anything :x

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