Sunday, January 08, 2012


You once promised you'll never do what he's done to me.

And now, look at you.

You're everything you said you'll never be.

And I think, you've done more damage than he ever did.


You also once told me that you've always wanted,

The love I gave to him to be given to you.

You've had it all. You've had much more than that in fact.

Now look what you've done to it.


Conscience. No longer in you I'm pretty sure. I shall leave the ghost of you and continue living my life like how it was 2 years plus back. Before you came into my life and changed all my routines with you calling me everyday and hanging out with me. It's hard to re-adapt to everything all over again after all these years, but I believe it's possible.

Smile. And the day will be better.

And I'll rise above this.

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