Sunday, January 15, 2012


Due to the high demands during Chinese New Year, applicants are welcome to apply to sponsor yours truly for this festive season the items listed below:

  • New clothes
  • New shoes
  • New bag
  • New accessories
  • New hairstyle
  • Mani/pedicure
  • New car (optional)
  • Plane tickets for a trip (optional)

More might be listed in the days to come. Of course applicants can opt to sponsor more (or other items) based on their own sincerity. Open for application now!!

*Don't worry for the fine prints. Terms and conditions not applicable.

Disclaimer: This is merely a joke in conjunction with CNY nearing. Please do not take it seriously. Well, you can if you want to - I wouldn't mind of course haha. Have fun doing your CNY shopping readers!

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