Saturday, December 04, 2010

Before too much is enough, you look up to find your love gone.

Holy moly. It's been that long since I've last updated my blog *sheepish face*

Nothing much have been happening recently. Well, except for the fact that the Melbies are back! As in, those from Melbourne. Heheh. And being the alcoholics that they are, this was what happened.

Yeap. Drinking at Shen's place.

Man, they play crazy pointless, but fun drinking games. Apparently Melbourne style wtf. But it was a very enjoyable night. Caught up with many who I haven't spoken to in ages and well, feels like Cempaka all over again.

And see that green bottle over there? My new favourite - Midori! Heheh. They were so mean they purposely finished it so I had to resort to only whiskey :(

And the next has really got to be this:


M & M's chocolate ice cream. Yeah big deal but... Heheh. The Smelly and I finished the whole pint in less than half an hour despite knowing that it's very fattening. Greed is badddddd :(

But it was so awesomeeeeee :3

Well I'm biased. I just love ice cream heheh.

Very beautiful decorations caught at Mid Valley :)

This year their theme was teddy bear, or I thought so because the whole place was filled with Christmas trees (duh) and gigantic teddy bears lying around. So I suppose so.

A year passed by so soon! Hmmm another Christmas has passed... Sometimes, time passes by faster than we thought it would. And things, people and memories tend to become just another page of history sooner than we expected them to. Funny huh, when once upon a time you thought you'd never get over it :)

And last but not least, a funny picture to share as always. But this time, I'm sorry to say that only those who watches the HK drama No Regrets would get the joke :(

It's pretty similar! Especially the first and second ones hahaha.

Let's hope I remember to update more often. Till then :)


Peiling said...

FINALLY U UPDATED UR BLOG. I have been waiting :) happy la now got frens d in kl. forgot ur old frens in uk d :(

princessKamen said...

where got! i still missiu every day and night :(