Friday, December 31, 2010

To a great year.

How can I miss the last post of the year? So here I am, figuring out what to blog about.

It's New Year's Eve tonight people, so what are all your plans? Many people have asked us (the Smelly and I) to join them for their celebrations tonight and well, we kinda rejected all. Reason being, we're sick of the traffic all around the country tonight. Then they'd ask what would we do then, assuming that we have made mindblasting plans.

Well, we said we only plan to rot at home and welcome the new year. Haha, old people we are. Seriously, after being hyper about the countdown few years back, being pushed around like sardines in a can, stuck in the jam for countless hours, we decided to stay at home and watch the fireworks from the balcony haha.

One year has passed and what have been done through these 365 days? To be honest, I've lost and gained a few things. First being that most of my friends have flew overseas. It felt very weird in the beginning without all of their presence, really. I guess, I can only say time took a toll and made things better - and thank God for the invention of technology. And well, I guess there are also friends whom I've completely lost.

As for things I gained, I guess I've gained knowledge. Knowledge about things or people around me. Because sometimes things/people aren't exactly the way you thought they were and the truth could sometimes be ugly. Really ugly.

It's too much to be summarised into one single post and well, some things should be better kept at heart and to those who knows :)

Moving on to the next cliche - Resolutions.

Heck, I've always hated having to think of resolutions to make. Cuz knowing myself, I don't think I keep to them. So this year, Smelly said this "Think of resolutions for next year and then think of how to break them." Haha so much for resolutions huh?

But for custom's sake, I guess I'll make myself think of a few.

  • Make the UK trip come true on February.
    (In instances if this fails, please refer to the next bullet)

  • Make Japan trip come true on April/May.
    (I secretly hope this one comes true instead... but then again I need to see my beloveds)

  • Mmm... I guess this would be almost every girl's annual resolution - lose weight.

  • Have more patience. In every aspect possible.

  • Be more awesome than I already am.
    (Hahaha just kidding).

  • See my UK/Australia friends!!

  • Have another 365 with the Smelly. (Hopefully!)

  • Get new camera (though I highly doubt it, judging from the tragical demise of my previous one)

Well, that's it for now I guess. I'll add on if I manage to think of more. So, mind sharing your resolutions too? :)

And let's hope everyone has a great beginning to year 2011! 良いお年を~!Cheers.

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