Friday, December 10, 2010

活得开心心不记恨, 为今天欢笑唱首歌.

I don't get it.

Why do people give up on their lives so easily? Well, technically saying it's your own prerogative because it is the life you're living, but heck, had you ever thought of your family and most importantly, your parents??

Just read on Facebook and related articles that this guy had committed suicide last night because he broke up with his ex-girlfriend. Seriously, is there such a need to do that? And he was just 22. That is so young. (Though I always refer myself as old but that's a whole different story). When I read it, I thought it was probably a hoax. Being the kepochi that I am, I decided to read more and found on the news that he was really literally dead.

Reason being the girl that he dated for 4 months left him. Like what the fuck? Please, it's just 4 months. Not 4 years. 4 years isn't even a close enough excuse, let alone 4 months. Don't these people think??

It's so pissing off to see people do stupid things like this, especially for stupid reasons like this. Do they even know how badly they'll hurt their parents' hearts?? It is such an irresponsible act. By leaving behind everything due to own's selfishness.

People pity him and all saying he's so strong to make such a decision. Fucking bullshit. Such a coward who can't even handle emotions properly. Who hasn't been through shitty break ups? Who hasn't felt like their heart has died so horribly inside? It's just a matter on how you think and how you handle things.

I personally think it's such a stupid act. There's so many people out there who are struggling just to live for one more day and here he is, taking away his own life. For a girl who doesn't even appreciate his love and who he was. 10 years down the road, she's probably dating another guy and what about you? What about your family? Ugh. I feel no pity for people like these. They merely brought it upon themselves.

Instead, I feel sad for his friends and family. They've lost a friend, and maybe a great one (assuming that he's a nice friend), his parents have lost a son, his siblings having lost a brother - for eternity.

And please, people out there, appreciate your lives. It took a lot of love and effort to bring you up from nothing but a sperm to a grown up. Don't be stupid.

May you rest in peace.

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