Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You'll always be my baby.

Hey you,

It's just not that easy for me to go back. Have you ever thought that maybe there's no turning back anymore? That no matter how hard we try, things are never gonna be the same anymore. I really want to go back. It's hard trying to get over things everyday when I wake up. In fact, I really dread waking up everyday.

I just want to start afresh. I just want to feel free.

I know it's killing the both of us inside. But maybe, just maybe, time will make everything better. As much as I miss you and us together, maybe it's time to move on. I hate crying everyday. It felt like it's been so long since I've woke up feeling that today is gonna be a great day. I'm so sick of feeling so pathetic everyday.

I just want to be free and happy.

And I just want to stop saying I don't know.

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