Saturday, November 13, 2010

All my life, I'll be with you forever to get you through the day.


Yeah, I decided to talk about this. I was reading some random articles on Facebook and came across this but it was in Chinese though. So I guess I should share it here. Especially to ALL THE GUYS OUT THERE.

A lot of guys never understood how terrible it is to go through what we'd refer to "that time of the month" and most would probably think that us girls are just whining and making a big deal out of things. Hell, no. Trust me, sometimes the pain is so unbearable we'd give anything for the pain to go away.

The pain is terrible, I swear. Wait, there isn't even a proper word to correctly describe the type of pain which comes with the cycle. You see, it's a love hate thing seriously. We dread the menstrual cycle every time it's nearing (because it is very troublesome and painful and bla bla bla). But on the other hand, you're bloody screwed if it doesn't come. So yeah.

Pain aside, it's also very annoying because it causes bloating (for some people) and your previously flat tummy would look fat by this time. Okay, I can't help but talk about the pain. It gives you goosebumps and you'll feel paralysed. Well, not literally but you'll feel like it. You will just want to lie curled up on the bed/sofa/couch the whole day and not move. (It is annoying when you have to even worry that it fucking leaks because you are lying down and the pad is at a slightly wrong position).

You just can't rest in peace (bad pun).

You see guys, imagine having something stuck in between your underwear for 5~7 days. You wouldn't like it, would you? And worst still, you have to change it every few hours just in case a Japan flag starts forming on your pants (if you get what I mean).

The annoyance isn't limited to just that one week. Sometimes, we might get paranoid because there's this weird feeling that the "aunty" decides to pay an earlier visit. So, some might put on a pad for 4~5 days for nothing. When we finally decide "Screw it, she won't visit earlier," there she is visiting you the minute you're NOT wearing a pad - worst still, when you're out from home.


Then another situation comes along. When we think it's about time to change into a new one, we see that it's just 1/3 full. So we'll end up sitting by the toilet bowl wondering whether to still change into a new one or what.

Then when it is nearing the end, the amount would definitely get less. When we think it's almost finished or finished, we stop using the pad. THEN IT IS THAT ONE DAY WHEN IT DECIDES TO OPEN TAP AGAIN. Then it ends up staining the pants or bed (seriousness level depends on tap level).

I'm pretty sure some of you guys out there have had wet dreams (don't pretend you didn't). It gets disgusting right?? But guess what? You're dealing with almost transparent stuffs. We deal with bloody red stuffs. We find it very disgusting too you know. And we definitely don't like dealing with these stuffs too.

Sigh. Guys will never understand. So please, next time you see a girl having her time of the month, the least you can do is to stfu and let her be. And not say things like "how bad can it be?" and nonsense like that.

And to all boyfriends out there, please be considerate and let your girlfriend be bitchy if she wants to. We call it the PMS mode (often used as an excuse though). But yeah, don't be those to say it's disgusting and all. It'll only make her feel worst.

No, there's no rage in this post. Just thought the article pretty much made sense and think that all guys should actually know this.

And in case you're wondering, no, Smelly isn't the type to ask me how bad could it be. He'd just let me be (although occasionally calling me a bitch), all curled up and taking up all the space and blanket in his bed.



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Peiling said...

LOL i like this so much. Guys should really read this!!! hahahaha