Friday, November 19, 2010

You ought to know by now how much I love you.

I have a confession to make. I have been ultimately lazy to update my blog, I don't know why. As usual, nothing much have been going on lately, except for some catching up on some movies and my birthday dinner!

Well, it was just a simple dinner among some friends and some drinks after that. On the 15th, we had dinner at d'italiene Kitchen at Sunway Giza. That place was awesome! Well, I'm biased. Because they had cheese. A whole load of cheese in each of their dishes. And I'm pretty sure that everyone who knows me well enough would know that I'm one hell of a cheese lover.

That day was seriously a cheese overload day, literally. I have been so stuffed with cheese the entire day from day to night. Smelly and I decided to have something light for lunch so we had Subway for lunch. Well, me being me, my Subway had extra cheese. After lunch, I insisted to make a move to Theobroma Chocolate Lounge for their vanilla sundae.

A little bit too milky, but it was all good :)

What I didn't know was that Smelly ordered a slice of blueberry cheese. I swear, I almost puked trying to finish that one slice of cake with him. We were that full.

So alright, it was dinner time then... and I ordered this! :D

Baked Three Cheese

Wahahahaha. Three types of cheese baked with penne. It was orgasmic I tell you. Smelly ordered some chicken platter thing (which had cheese of course), King ordered another cheesy beef steak thingy... well, everyone's dish had cheese. End of story.

Okay, before I start spamming this post with pictures, here's a short note. Mind the bad quality of the pictures. It'll appear blurrish and grainy because these were all taken by the phone camera (because my camera screen is still very much dead) and some were even taken with the front camera, which kinda worsens the quality. So yeah.

The one and only picture which the Smelly actually gave a normal face.

Don't ask. He loves to make stupid faces the minute pictures are shot just for the sake of annoying me and spoiling the picture. Ass.

The King & his Minion.

Sigh, apparently I'm his minion .___________. And yeah, we seem like we're having the same expression in this picture wtf haha.

The Cousin and Anthony :D

Eric Chan! My partner in being lifeless and watching almost every single show on earth.

He was early this time and actually turned up! We're so proud of him. And here's a gay convo we had that night:

Me: "Why your face so chau tut when we take pictures? Forever one kind."

Eric: "It's my good angle."

Wtf hahaha.

Imran looking freakishly happy.

Then there was my cake! It was a surprise actually, but well, I guess the waitress kinda spoiled it haha.

The very very awesome cheese cake. Like omfg awesome.

Yes, it's cheese again. Then we went on to the Beer Factory for some drinks after dinner cuz it was still early. Being the norm, we played Circle of Death again heheh.

Pei Ling!! This is for youuuu!!!

*puts thumb on forehead*

Psst! Imran sucks at this game. It's very fun to play with him hahaha.

Meet my buddy Seannn!!! :3

Mmm and that's about it. An enjoyable night. A big fat thanks to all those who made it awesome that night :)

Oh, and did I mention that I watched Harry Potter 7 already?? Wahahaha sorry peeps, I admit I'm a huge HP freak. Dragged Smelly to buy tickets for the midnight show on the 17th because I felt kiasu. Because I wanted to watch it before the world watches it (Well, technically not the world but yeah, you get what I mean).

A very random shot

Because I wanted to take a picture to commemorate the moment before watching the movie (wtf yes, I know). And that is Smelly's very annoyed face because he was trying to recall something but failed because I'm constantly annoying him with the camera.

So after watching the show, we were still talking about Harry Potter. (Yeah, I remember mentioning that I'm a HP freak) And Smelly's quite a closet HP freak. So we were talking about some trivia this was how the conversation went.

"There's this question, it's damn cb. Cuz it's almost impossible to answer."

"Oh please. I definitely know the answer. Unlike you."

"What is Professor Trelawney's mother's name?"

"So easy. Of course I know."


"Mrs. Trelawney, duh."

Haha I swear, that moment he kicked me in the ass, literally hahaha.

As for those who are wondering what her mother's name was, it is Pauline Trelawney. Yes, I secretly went home and Google-d it and then pretending I finally recalled the answer and told Smelly. He didn't buy it, obviously.

Yeap. That was how that one day of the year went about. And yeah, I am finally legal :D


Peiling said...

Dislike laaa. There is no me in the pic :(

princessKamen said...

i dislike the fact that you're not in the pictures too :((((