Friday, November 12, 2010

And believe me when I say she got that whole place glowing.

Mmm, I need to keep this space alive.

But how?

Yeah, by randomly posting vain pictures I figured.

I know it's already almost halfway through the month but yeah, my favourite month of the year is finally here - for obvious reasons. Heheh. Okay fine, I'll think of a reason which could convince other people to like this month too. Erm, it's a month before Christmas? Wtf. Bad try. Oh well, is it me or does it feel like it's passing too quickly?

I'm sorry, I guess I'm just too lazy to think of something to blog about today. Till then.


Peiling said...

HUH didnt know there is sth special for this month eeh? can u pls remind me aaah? /E
And woman, u seriously have to keep ur blog alive, at least i can find ur update here. lazy bum never come online after u got ur high tech phone d. SOB ahhhh

princessKamen said...

yeah nothing special this month. i just like it, chui ah :P
hahaha you also have your high tech phone already what :P
next time you wanna see me online just text me then i'll come online ANYTIME as long as im free hahaha

Peiling said...

HAHAHA u should teach me how to use pingchat or rather jeailbreak ur phone and get whatsapp!!! i whatsapp with chau tut in US d. Its convenient. More than asking u to come online aaah.