Friday, September 03, 2010


Was reading things randomly online when something caught my attention. A close friend mentioned it to me once and I already found it fascinating, but later on forgotten about it. Now that I came across that saying again, I decided to read more about it.

My sincere apologies to those who are unable to read Chinese. I could do some translations here and there, but I still think the beauty of the lines should only remain that way. So yeah, sorry peeps :(


那么, 我要多少次回眸才能住进你心中?

前世500次的擦肩而过, 换来今世一次的相遇;
前世500次的相遇, 换来今世一次的相识;
前世500次的相识, 换来今世一次的相知;
前世500次的相知, 换来今世一次的相爱.


第一最好不相见, 如此便可不相恋.
第二最好不相知, 如此便可不相思.
第三最好不相伴, 如此便可不相欠.
第四最好不相惜, 如此便可不相忆.
第五最好不相爱, 如此便可不相弃.
第六最好不相对, 如此便可不相会.
第七最好不相误, 如此便可不相负.
第八最好不相许, 如此便可不相续.
第九最好不相依, 如此便可不相偎.
第十最好不相遇, 如此便可不相聚.

但曾相见便相知, 相见何如不见时.
安得与君相诀绝, 免教生死作相思.


Peiling said...

Was it me that tell you such things huh?! :D and u googled bout it?

princessKamen said...

yea it was you hahaha perasan shit.
yeah, i googled bout it for a bit cuz i forgot how the entire line was like... i saw it about in Facebook haha. then saw all these and decided to share :D