Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And if there's somebody calling me on, she's the one.

I know this is pretty late but I went on a trip up to Bukit Tinggi on the previous Saturday with the Smelly, Grandmom, Mom, the Cousin and the Cousin's Mom (also my aunty lol). Yeah, we kinda ran out of places to visit so we decided Bukit Tinggi. Drove up there and heck, we took the wrong turning and ended up halfway to Genting. Meh.

The last time I've been there was at least a good 10 years ago I think. And I don't remember walking up a crazy steep hill just to reach the Japanese Tea House. Well, got there and there were nothing but some flowers and all.

I like the colour of this photo :)

Beautiful kan!

The weather was cloudy when we first reached. After visiting the Japanese Tea House, we drove over to the French Castle (apparently) place. Boy, the roads there were very windy.

Yay flower again.

I didn't know they had swans there. The swans there were so tak layan. They literally ignore the people desperately trying to lure them over.

Until I was so desperate I sacrificed my Famous Amos cookies T_____________T

Yeah, I was afraid they'd bite me. So this is my very failed plus terrified expression.

Those greedy things. Buat graceful in front of other people and in fairy tales, but when there's food, they snatch your food like nobody's business.

Then here is Mom being fascinated by the armour's fingers. -_________-

Later on, we stopped by the Rabbit Farm on our way back down to KL.

Smelly layan-ing all the rabbits.

Some of the rabbits were so unfriendly, they barely eat the pellets we fed to them. And even if you manage to feed them, they'll run away the moment you try to touch them. Boo :(

The Cousin and I

Our favourite rabbit!

It was the cutest rabbit there in the farm cuz it was the fluffiest lol.

Finally, the update on Bukit Tinggi is finally done. And by the way, Happy Mooncake Festival people. Have a happy one with your families tonight :)

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