Sunday, September 19, 2010

If it's love and we're two birds of a feather, then the rest is just whenever.

Sorry that I haven't been updating lately. Barely had the time to actually sit down and type a blog post.

Well, as you all already know, it was someone's birthday on the 16th. A surprise was planned a week ago and the plan was something like this: to con Smelly over to a friend's place and surprise him on the 15th. I received a text last minute saying that we need a Plan B cuz Plan A is failing.

So Plan B.

At 11, all of us went to Smelly's house to set things up and surprise him. Of course, we had two spies with him while he was in the gym. Two very fishy spies who didn't actually manage to convince him.

But before that, I should rewind a slight bit about the afternoon. I baked a cake - for the first time in my life. I've never baked anything before (besides some cookies which didn't exactly turn out good). So during the afternoon of 15th, I went to my cousin's place and got her to teach me how to bake a cake. I was so freaked out cuz everyone told me that I was going to fail (very motivating people I have in my life).

Objective: To bake Strawberry Longan cake.

Yeah, this part wasn't too hard.

This was the initial outcome, and I was so freaked out until I was told that I have to slice the top part off.

This was after slicing the top and bottom part off and then it was divided into three separate parts.

Making the cream.

I swear, I couldn't feel my left arm anymore later that day cuz I had to hold that thing and go in circles for god knows how long. Had to do the same to make the cake too at first.

After applying the cream and longans between the layers of cake, obviously I had to cover the whole cake in cream and decorate it. The end product?

HAH! Bet all of you thought I failed.

I bloody hell succeeded! Okay, back to the surprise.

We thought we were smart enough to hide our shoes in a box and bring it into his room when we reached. We forgot to hide the box and left it openly in his room. That was Fail #1. Then we (the girls) left our bags all over the couch in Smelly's room. That was Fail #2. One of us accidentally parked our car outside his house and he saw the car. Fail #3.

Fortunately, we still managed to "surprise" the Smelly and ended up playing Circle of Death till like, 4am. Very funny game to play, especially with Jia Xin around (haha inside joke). Poor girl, she was the only person who had to drink so much besides the birthday boy. Cuz she was the only one who had slow reflexes during the game haha.

And well, Smelly claimed she has a face problem so she had to constantly be the one drinking every time he picked a card. Heh.

The cake which everyone thought I bought from a cake shop.

This is so sad. Everyone that night didn't believe that I baked the cake. Like, nobody at all.

Smelly's Mom: I thought you're baking a cake?

Me: I baked this... T__________________T

And Smelly himself:

"I bet the cake you tried baking failed and you went to some cake shop and bought this cake last minute."


Circle Of Death

Sorry for the bad quality pics :(

Once again, poor Jia Xin. But then again, we all wanted to get her wasted the night before her flight off to Leeds. Heheh. So yeah, that was how the surprise went. Lastly,

JIA XIN!! *does King card thing*

Heeheeeeeee :P

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