Sunday, September 05, 2010

If there's somebody calling me on, she's the one.


Like, hot hot hot. Yeah, he's the guy who plays Luke in Step Up 3D. OMG. HE'S HOT. (I have a feeling this is one of those I-found-a-hot-eye-candy-but-this-fever-will-die-very-soon thing again).

I can't believe I never noticed him at all when he played "Floppy Haired Guy" (he didn't have a name in the show goddamnit) in Episode 16, Season 2 of How I Met Your Mother :(

Whatever. RICK MALAMBRIIIII. I so feel like a Ching Mun going crazy over her Lee Min Ho right now. Bad bad feeling (haha).

Actually, I stopped to google more on him for a bit after the previous full stop. And I just found out that... he's married. Boohoo :(


So maybe it's true,
That I can't live without you.
Maybe two is better than one.
There's so much time to figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone.
And I'm thinking

Two is better than one.

Ah, I so remember this song :)

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