Thursday, September 23, 2010

Drinking champagne, going insane like it's her birthday.

My very hopeless friend who just landed in Leeds like barely a week ago.

kamen says (7:46 PM):
so you've met up with jx already rite?

juen says (7:47 PM):
she's like a hopeless goat like tht
come to leeds with nothing
then i have to take her around so she can buy all her necessities

kamen says (7:48 PM):
hahahahahahaha hopeless goat hahahahaha
damn funny
she packed the day before
and came out with us few hours before her flight before she was done packing

juen says (7:51 PM):
she just pack nonsense la
make up and clothing tht are too thin to wear out

In case you guys are wondering which retard I am talking about, she looks something like this:

If any of you see her in Leeds, please donate her daily essentials. She might need it. Haha just had to blog about this part of our conversation cuz she's too silly-ly funny! :3

Eh come back la, durian waiting for you here. And your fries.

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