Monday, December 12, 2011

And i wonder if I ever cross your mind.

Remember when...

You waited for me for 2 hours right below the bar just to make sure I'm home safely and it was your birthday? You didn't want to call me and just waited downstairs because you didn't want to spoil my farewell with one of my bestest friend who was leaving for UK. Funny how I accidentally made the birthday boy wait for me for so long and you never complained a word about it.

You crashed the trip and went to the Butterfly and Bird Park with me and another friend out of the blue? I still find it funny that you were so afraid of butterflies despite them being so tiny. I even remember I threatened to give you a box of butterflies for your birthday. And do you remember the bird which blocked my way and you tried carrying me over just to scare me?

You were so bored that you accompanied me and watched 3 chick flicks back to back in 6 hours? I remember it was exactly this time of the year, nearing Christmas. We bought tickets so many times the guy even remembered us already.

You weren't feeling well and you desperately wanted someone to eat with you so you drove all the way to my place just to have claypot loushu fun? The shop's already closed for good now and I guess, we'll never be able to return to the shop and have another serving of loushu fun together anymore.

You would walk miles in Australia just to find somewhere with computer and internet connection just so you could talk to me for 5 minutes because you missed me? I remember I was in Singapore back then and night time was all I was waiting for, because you were away for 3 weeks and that was the only time I managed to talk to you. 5 minutes of complete bliss.

You were so annoyed by me countless times and at the same time, I was so angry at you because of things you never done? Come to think of it now, it was such a waste of time when it could have been quality time spent with each other.

You were so afraid to go up Tamingsari and would rather everyone call you a pussy? You were so awesome when you finally managed to take the ride the second time we revisited the place. Even though you had sweaty palms immediately and held on so tight haha.

You were freaked out of your soul when we took the ride in Genting? I can never forget that funny moment. And I also can never forget how much you hated cable car rides. Sad thing I never got to make you take a cable car ride with me.

You showed me Aaron the Round for the very first time during Valentines' Day 2 years back? I fell in love with him immediately because he was too cute and adorable. And since then, I've been hugging him to sleep every night without fail.

You were working in a gym and I had to stay there for hours just to wait for you to finish work? I was even forced to try working out as much as I hated it. But you know what? It was one of the best times I've had. Sometimes when you were free, we'd just sit around and chill or play random games with your iPad. There was even a time when you were so desperate to beat me in Sudoku and Smurfs.

Too many memories. Too many playbacks. Too many smiles. These are merely a few of the vast memories we shared and built together. I know I should never dwell on these matters anymore. I never. I never deliberately take a trip down to memory lane. In fact, I tried so hard to run away from all the fleeting memories.

Truth is, I can't get over them.

Now tell me, would the only cure be lobotomy?

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