Monday, December 12, 2011

잘가요, 내사랑.

"Happy 2nd Anniversary, baby.

Let's have many more of today in our days to come together and never let go of one another, till whenever.

I love you.


...And that could have been the line I'd be posting in this space right now. I guess, it's Happy it could have been Anniversary is all that's left now.

Oftentimes, I wonder what plans you'd have in mind for today. Where you'd bring me to, what you'd do or what you'd buy, and never to forget, the roses you know I love so well. I'd also wonder what I would've gotten as our anniversary gift, or what tantrum I'd pull off on you just for the fun of it so you can come up with random words to make me happy (haha) or what I'd complain you didn't do enough.

All's nothing but an illusion conjured from nothingness,
Filled with emotions so real as if it really happened,
Scenes playing repeatedly in my head,
Smiles, hugs and kisses,
All vanished with just the blink of an eye -

Back to reality.

I'm sorry, that this day could never come anymore. I'm sorry I had to do things like this. It suddenly came gushing to my head all the names I've once made for you, the most frequently used ones being Smelly or Skunkie (not Lord Skunkie too bad). Haha funny how you actually response to these names. Sorry, just a random thought.

Oh yeah, and for the past few days, the idiot conversation kept coming to my head and when I read back the whole conversation back then, I laughed so hard. Laughing cuz it was so extremely beautiful back then. How you, my very best friend, accompanied me till wee hours in the morning and started talking nonsense cuz you were already so tired. Then came the idiot conversation where I was so blur when you were trying so hard to hint to me. And then I thought of how you pretended to jia jia hold my hand in the cinema (and even after we came out of the cinema) because I was cold. And how you'd call me lou por because I was so bossy even though I wasn't your girlfriend haha. Little did we know, 2 years down the road, we'd be where we are now. But I guess it was all worth it. And if I was given the same chance, I'd make the same decision as I did back then - which was to be your idiot :)

Anyway, I'm glad you're happier now :')

Remember all the things we wanted,
Now our memories they're haunted,
We were always meant to say goodbye.

Looking at you makes it harder,
But I know that you'll find another,
That doesn't always make you want to cry.

Started with a perfect kiss then,
We could feel the poison set in,
Perfect couldn't keep this love alive.

You know that I love you so,
Love you enough to let you go.

And I want you to know, you couldn't have loved me better.

- Already Gone, Kelly Clarkson.

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