Friday, December 30, 2011

We found love in a hopeless place.

Yeap, it's the time for the mandatory year end post again.

I know I shouldn't start by being whiny and all but I think year 2011 hasn't exactly been treating me too well. Things took at 360 degree change through the entire year and things aren't really the same anymore. I don't know if the change is for the better or for worse, but yeah, let's keep an optimistic mind and hope it's for the better.

I don't even think that I wanna flashback through the entire year which has just passed us by. It was nothing but a big mess filled with tears and a sprinkle of laughter. Quite an emotional year I must say. Due to various reasons. But what I'm sure of is that, time really did fly - too fast in fact. Hello's and goodbye's, too many to count.

Excitement, anxiety, heartbreak, disappointment, drama - check.

Moving away from the darker side, 2011 wasn't exactly filled with 365 days of sadness/shit. It was heartwarming that I managed to catch up with the few of my close friends who flew back from overseas, some back for good. Unfortunately all of them came back different times of the year so we couldn't really all be together to catch up for old times' sake. Well, better this than not seeing them at all. Through the year, I also managed to gain a lot of experience in the working field and obviously helped me build my future path slowly. Back to studying for me next year I guess.

Partying has mellowed down by a lot through the year (It's the age I swear). Honestly, though still being rather young, I feel a tad bit too old to be partying like old times already. Sometimes I really wonder how I found the energy and stamina to be partying so hard like I did back then. Not that it's something to be proud about but yeah, still am proud to say I've lived my time and had my share of fun. Now it's more like mamak with a glass of limau ais :)

Relationships. Things come and go in life, and I guess relationships are just one of it. It's pretty obvious from all the previous posts I guess but yes, my relationship with the Smelly has ended. It was a great relationship we had and of course we've had our happy times together, but well, things had to come to an end. Things definitely weren't pretty but all in all, we'll be fine and we'll come out of this as better individuals I hope. Let's hope we'll meet someone new in the future and be happy with them. Who knows, they might even just be right next to us :)

Oh and I can drive much much better now compared to last year already! Yay.

As for New Year's resolution, just as last year's, I choose to have none. Not because I'm lazy just that I don't see a point in it anymore. What's the point in making New Year's resolution when most of us don't keep to it? Ask yourself, how many people actually last through the year keeping them?

Oh yeah, did I mention how my year have been filled with 9gag nonsense too? Which explains all the meme being placed in this post. To those who've never heard of 9gag, no matter what you do, do not, I mean do NOT enter the site. It's evil. It sucks all the soul in you and it's an endless dark pit in there. So for your goodness' sake, please refrain yourself from entering the site. I kid you not. Speaking from experience.

Anyhoots, a great sorry to anyone whom I've offended in any way through the year and a big thank you for all those who've been there when I was down. Have a blessed blessed new year to come!

And here, not in any specific sequence (in other words, random):

To you, honestly I have to say that I am indeed disappointed and sad in what we've became. Distance may separate people from each other, but I never knew it would tear us apart this much. I really miss the friendship we had few years back, we were closer than ever. Then distance came along and both of us met new people in our lives and eventually have different views/goals in life. Goodbye my friend. Take care while you're far far away. I'll always miss you, or at least who I once thought you were - my bestest friend once upon a time.

To you, this is also another time when "Sorry" wouldn't make things any better. I guess it has also been a rough year for you too. Since you've always been cryptic (and I know you are extremely smart), I know you'll be able to decipher this. It's not hard. May the sun shine again after the long great storm. Thank you for always being there supporting me when there was nobody else to hold me, despite yourself being burnt out. And no, I don't need no time machine. It's the future which matters, not the past. And I think I know where my future lies :)

To you, thank you so much for being such a great friend in the past few years. Always there when I needed you to (even though I was ditched once by you but I think we've pestered you enough on that time). I am also grateful that you have never worn a mask since Day 1 I met you and have always been true to your emotions. Cheesy much but may we always be this way even as time goes by.

To you, a thousand or a million "Sorry" would never bring you back or make things better. Thank you so much for the past 2 years. Meeting you and being your friend was probably a blessing in disguise and I was so lucky to have been loved by you once so dearly. I'll always remember your Two Is Better Than One song haha! Let's not mention the sorry part anymore, not in this post at least. It's been a rough year for us I'm sure and may you be much happier in the year to come. May your every day be filled with smiles and laughter. Take care please and thank you once again, for everything :)

Mmm, two new colour codes replacing the old ones heheh.

That's a wrap for the whole year! May 2012 not be the end of the world be a great year ahead with many many good things waiting for us! Lovers, be naughty and singles out there, go mingle!

Start thinking who you'd be kissing tomorrow night teehee :D

Me gusta!

To those thinking why in the world did I end the post with such an ugly face, it isn't exactly ugly. Do go to and read up on me gusta wtf. Yeah, have a great NYE celebration!


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