Thursday, December 15, 2011

一个人, 偶尔感到寂寞在所难免.


I've been facing this blank page so almost half an hour already and the only word I can come up with is that. Thinking of the past "conversations" we had, just felt like the person I used to love was gone. Completely gone. And it's just a complete stranger whom I've been talking to, replying me just for the sake of replying.

Maybe, you were right - I don't deserve anything. And you have every right to be the way you are right now. The very thought of you smiling to your phone while texting another girl kills me. I can't force you and neither can I accept it. Guess I should just continue ignoring and filtering that thought out of me - eventually filtering every thought of you out of my mind too. And move on, like how you did so effortlessly.

Teach me. How to completely stop loving someone who you've been loving so deeply for the past two years in just a day or two? And how to forget how much you care about that someone and act like they don't matter at all anymore to you? I need to learn that from you. You seem to be so good in that.

You gave us up. You pushed me away.

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