Thursday, December 08, 2011


Why do they make it sound so easy?

It's so sad that even words, promises and faith wouldn't work anymore.

But baby, I loved you.


I don't know how else to fight anymore.

Nothing seems to be right already.

Funny how two years down the road, I see my heart in pieces on the floor again.

Thrown by the very same person who once picked everything up and patiently mended them back together again.

I hope you're happy.

Well, I guess you are. I mean, you said you haven't been happy in the longest time ever.

And right now you are - without me.

Well, I know I'm not. How could I be happy without you, when you have been my happiness in the past 2 years?

I guess it's karma, that you broke my heart so badly this time around, and I'm not blaming anyone.

I really hope you're happy.

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