Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This is very irritating. It's making me so irritated and annoyed till the extent that I've decided to lock my blog and only allow my friends to read my blog.


Apparently, my dad has been very updated with whatever his daughter has been doing. I think some people are just so worried about me and they-care-so-much that they have to tell my dad everysingle detail about my life. Thanks, but no thank you. For your information, my dad knows perfectly well about me and whatever that is going around me. So, I don't need anyone to kepo things to him anymore.

However, this act is a very despicable act which annoys the shit out of people. You want to read, you're welcome. But must open mouth big big tell around wan meh?

It's not the first time you know. The first time you did it, I kept quiet. I thought you wouldn't do it anymore. Mana tau, you're really that kepo. Really. Its' enough lor. I'm locking it to avoid you doing it again anymore.

Maybe you know who you are, or maybe you don't. It doesn't matter, really. Ignorance is bliss. I'd rather you not know and just take it that I'm locking this blog because some other people did what you did. You'd be happier that way. :)

Appreciate this. This is going to be the last post you're gonna see in my blog before i lock it. I'm posting this specially for you too, dear.


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