Saturday, November 01, 2008

silver november.

don't ask me what the title means. I really don't know. Since young, November has always given me the impression that it's silver.

Months got colour wan meh?

I thought only moths do. Ok, this is lame.

Maybe cuz November is like the beginning of Winter or something like that? Maybe. *shrugs* It's the first day of November yo! Days seriously pass very fast. How long has it been since I've finally finished my SPM in Form 5 and entering college?

I used to think that college was such a whoa! kinda thing when I was still a kid. (I'm sure you did too, so don't laugh.) Maybe cuz of those ang-moh books where all those bimbos teenagers look forward into their college life and it's like, uber cool. (well, it felt that way that time.)

Neh, last time almost every girl in school reads Sweet Valley. Come to think of it, the girls in the story were quite - bimbotic. I feel so old. Those were the days when we still talked about Sweet Valley. Kids now will be like - huh? What's that? We only know High School Musical and Hannah Montana.

So then, we ended Secondary and started college. It wasn't as cool as how i imagined it 10 years ago. Then, you start to think: Awh, those secondary days were good. Weird, isn't it?

Okay, back to the topic. It's November now. Let me tell you a secret...............

the princess' birthday is just around the corner :)

Sigh. Why is it so troublesome when you want to lock your blog?? You have to type in people's e-mail addresses one by one. Is there a way where I can just click their names or something like how they tag people on Facebook?? This is so troublesome.

By the way, does anyone know where the Philharmonic Orchestra is? Got you thinking there ain't it? Despite all the times we've been to KLCC, we don't have any idea where the Philharmonic Orchestra is. Pfft.

Lee Ching Mun, don't be late tomorrow! lol.

We were told not to wear jeans, t-shirts or sandals. In other words - formal wear.

But...But, most of my clothings are like jeans, shorts, tees and....just not formal wear.



Oh yea, Happy Belated Halloween folks! much love ❤

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