Thursday, October 21, 2010

No matter what I do, all I think about is you.

It's poll time peeps! The princess is currently stuck in one of the greatest dilemma's she's ever faced in her life. Wtf why am I speaking in a third party position?

Anyway, yeah. I've just landed myself onto a huge pothole. Or rather, Dilemma has pushed me off an endless cliff. I need feedback's on this, seriously.

A two months job with a fucking high pay (yes, I usually try my best to not use profanities on my blog, and when I do, it's either I'm seriously pissed or I'm just massively awed) which requires me to be away from home (and my Smelly you) for two months - or a plain Jane work which pays a plain Jane* pay?

*Plain Jane pay here refers to a range of RM 2,000~3,000 per month.

So yeah, when I mean fucking high, I'm talking about a salary where some people would take a year (or more) to earn. And it is a pretty enjoyable job. Well, I mean, I'm pretty sure touring Korea would be quite enjoyable. Thing is, I'm not really a Korean cuisine fan (cuz most of their food are either beef or spicy stuffs) and I can't exactly imagine myself surviving in a place where I understand nuts.

I mean, I'm pretty used to be capable of understanding most languages since I was a kid. Now that I might end up in a place where I can't understand shits, OTTOKEH??? Heck, I don't even know how to spell it correctly but it means HOWWW?? in Korean wtf. Well, I can read Korean with no problems but here's the catch. I can read every single word but understand nothing about it. And can barely speak a few simple phrases only. What am I to do???

Ugh. What do you guys think?


Peiling said...

DONT GO TO KOREA W/O ME PLSSSS!!!!!! though i would like u to go around and explore new things with fucking high salary laaa. but then two months? can u talk to me when i am bored? can we hav our chau tut convo? hmmmm but nvm, go for the salary since u're so free. lol

princessKamen said...

eh woman, meaning go or not go??? hahaha i know u sure jealous one when i was typing it lol

LeeSZ said...


Angeline Chiam said...

Whoaaa what kinda job is that??! Are you selling yourself or something :/

princessKamen said...

still thinking bout it =/

of course not! hahaha. it's a tour guide for two months in korea :) pls tell me i'll be seeing you in hennessy :3

Peiling said...

GOOOOOOOOO la!!!! Dont think of leaving msia for two months, think of the amount u will earn!!! And if u go right, next time when i wanna go i can ask u along!! heeeeee :D

princessKamen said...

you wanna ask me along next time ar? can... i give u discount. 300 USD. good bargain u know hahahahahah jk jk

Angeline Chiam said...

Ehh go go go! You get paid to sightsee k. And since the pay is like >1 year for some ppl, you just work 2 months and goyang kaki for the next 10 months!

Yesss will be seeing you at Hennessy yay!

princessKamen said...

YAYYYY!! finally can see your face again heheh. will take to you bout it tomorrow then :D

Peiling said...

LOL woman u go, then can earn the money to london d!!!!!!!!!! COME UK AND HAV FUN WITH US!!!!!!! :D