Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trying to be perfect, trying not to let you down.

I think I should try getting back my blogging mojo, cuz I think I've lost it. Well, I'm still trying my very best to keep this space updated from time to time.

Nothing much happening recently actually. Besides the fact that I need to get hired. For god's sake, somebody hire me already! I need a job, like right now.

Yeah, coming from me... I need a job actually, for some upcoming plan early next year. Really hope we can make it. Gotta start working my ass off and save up the cash just so the plan could actually work!

I bet you're all wondering what it is heheh. Nope, not gonna speak of it unless at least half of the plan is already in place. Nothing's confirmed at all right now and it's just in the planning stage where we're still trying to figure things out and get things to start working. Firstly, by getting hired. Just realised it'll be so much more meaningful (than it already is) if we actually manage to pull this off with our very own hardly earned cash :)

Let's hope all things go well and I'll be so looking forward to this plan. Now dear plan, please please please come true. Wish me luck! :)

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