Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reviewing Malaysia Property Portal

Have you ever gave it a thought or two, how your future home would be like? Or how the office you'll be sitting in would look like? With all the beautiful sceneries, crowd and bla bla bla.

Well, being the random person that I am, I did. I decided to start looking at properties (whether I could afford them or not was secondary heh) just to feel the fun of it. It was my first time looking around at properties (property virgin wtf) so I was looking for a site which was user-friendly. As in, not too confusing (knowing myself, I know I would not be familiar with so many complicated terms out of my field). And voila, I found it at Malaysia Property.

They had their properties categorised to different sections (i.e. Residencies, Apartments, Shops, Factories, Land, etc etc.) so I could easily choose the category I'm interested in with just a click. The information provided were very clear as to the location, pricing and all. And the best thing, they had so many tempting pictures I swear.

Omfg. I so want a house with a view like this. And the pool!! *faints*

See, just nais for me to live in.

Ok la, cannot be too greedy. A small cozy space like this would do already.

They had countless properties (from all price range) on for sale and for rent. And adding on to the great accessibility, they even categorised their properties according to location. Ranging from KLCC, Mont Kiara, Cheras, Subang Jaya and even places out of KL! Just type in the your desired price range and type of property into the search bar and they'll generate the results automatically. Damn cool can *jakun/noob mode on*

Then I started to think what kinda office I wanted to sit in. And I saw this. Here is where my future law firm will be in so I can exploit my clients to pay higher consultation prices for the good view they get haha wtf. Just kidding.


Not too far, just Mont Kiara. Or at least that's what I told myself wtf.

Heh. Too early for me to start dreaming wtf. So yeaps, now that everything is DIY, you can even search for your dream property online without anyone's help already and take your own sweet time choosing wtf. Oh ya, you can also advertise your property for people to buy/rent too by simply registering for an account.

Well, it doesn't hurt to just look around right. So ya, you should try checking them out if you're a random person like me and if you're looking for a house/shop/land to spend your money on, you're definitely looking at the right place: Malaysia Property. True story ;-)

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